Hi everyone, just curious if you feed your pets regular pet food or the vegan/vegetarian kind? I feed my pets regular pet food but would be open to feeding them otherwise if there is a better alternative. I have cats and they are obligate carnivores, scared that they'll go blind or get sick without meat. Thoughts?

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This is a principal conflict for a group I will lump together under the name, "animal people".  I hope someone both wiser, and more practical than I can answer this.

Animal and vegetable people ;)

Lindzee, no one else answered you, so I'll try. Are you a vegetarian or vegan yourself?  

I know Dogly, I feel left out ;) I'm vegetarian, I don't eat any meat but have dairy once in a while. I discovered though that my gum and vitamins have gelatin so I don't know if I'm in violation of something. What about you? And how are you feeding this cute dog of yours?


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