At my house we sometimes have an Xmas'y style meal, without the meat.  Or, for my meat eating partner, he buys a small turkey or similar roast.


I think this year we will have our first Tamale Xmas.  Tamales take a lot of effort, so there is a meal-preparing, "slow food" "ritual" - nice for an at-home holiday.  Since there is a fair amount of time involved, they are also a do-together food, also good for the holiday.  They can be made many ways.  And they are very tasty.


That's all in theory.  This will be the first time.  But we've bought the masa, the corn husks, and will figure out what goes into them next.


What are you making/eating for Xmas?

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I believe in creating a culture of unacknowledgment of typical holidays. In line with that I will simply tell you what I had to eat this evening. It’s a dish that I made up myself, but as good as it is I imagine someone has already been on it before me. Anyways here goes, all organic ingredients of course:

Cut extra firm tofu in long strips and marinate in ¾ soy sauce ¼ white grape juice mixture, or alternatively in a 2/3rd soy sauce 1/3rd water mix. Soak for a night or two. Or if you live where you can get some good pre-done tofu then just skip this step.

Bake the tofu on 400 or something until it’s about done looking, flip it around some times and such. Cut the tofu into bite-size cubes.

Fry the tofu until it reaches desired texture (this step will come later, just getting the tofu step out of the way). 

Cut golden/yukon potatoes into chunks and let soak in water overnight.

Fry the potatoes (save the potatoey “grease” for the other frying steps). I always fry with canola.

Cut lots of onions (yellow I think is best for this dish), carrots (into small ovals, the little carrots work best imo), and some broccoli. Fry it up, don’t get it too done.

Mix some chipotle pepper powder (or any pepper powder would work I suppose) and lime juice.

Serve on brown rice with a dab of salsa (best with extra tomatoes added) on top of the finished dish. Colorful. Yum.

Are you onto a good vegetarian tamale recipe? Yum. Do share!

I am still reading recipes, so will post when I've tried one!  Amy's frozen foods has a vegetarian cheese and pepper tamale, with tomatillo sauce, that I like, but I don't know all of the ingredients.


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