I'm currently looking for a food processor to help speed up all  the mincing/chopping/mixing tasks that go with eating this way. I would like a small and large type but don't want to break the bank.
Just thought I'd check with you fellow vegan cooks :)

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I've also been pondering this question. I'd like to do raw food recipes but they are high power blender dependant.
I like my little Black and Decker handy chopper...it's noisy, but chops nuts and such quickly.

My big food processor is a Cuisinart..it has the dough blade, grater and S blade. They are both on the counter always since I use one or the other pretty much every couple of days. Also my blender..an Oster...it's used everyday. (smoothies)

Still, most often, for quick things, I grab my good knives and a cutting board.

We eat 50 % raw in the winter, and closer to 80-90% in the summer, when produce is plentiful and cheap.
I feel like I'd need to take an entire course from you :)

What are your favourite smoothies, are they all fruit and water or do add nuts or nut milk or such?
My fave smoothie is a green one...kale, tomatoes, spinach, a little garlic, avocado, carrots, pine-nuts, sprouts and maybe broccoli and almonds or whatever else I have that is veggie. Never peppers or celery because I loathe them. ;o) I drink one every morning and before every meal.

I have NO sweet tooth...I really don't like sweet things, so the breakfast smoothie I make for myself is way different from what my family gets.
They get strawberries, kiwi, banana, orange, peach, blueberry, pecans, blackberries...any and/or all I can find that is sweet-ish goes in. They also like soymilk and a splash of vanilla added in.

Anything I know, it's from the internet and books. ;o)
Thanks Kate! I've been looking at a cuisinart on amazon. It sounds like the same one.
I also have a couple good knives that I use a lot.
I don't think I'm ready for the raw food thing yet. It just seems like more work
than I'm ready for.
The raw food thing can be a lot of work, which is part of why I don't go 100% all the time.
I like bread and soups and warm foods in the winter! I try to make my breakfast raw and most of lunch raw, and eat comfort food for dinner.
In the summer though, it's much easier to be raw..who wants to cook anyway? ;o)
So, salads, fresh fruit, veggies and raw dips, gazpacho, guacamole and salsa...for me that's all summer eating. With the occasional grilled portabella mushroom "burger". (those are so freakin'good!)

I also refuse to be a person who holds to an ideal stronger than to manners...IOW, I will certainly eat vegan at home, and as much as possible in public so long as I don't make others go out of their way to accommodate me.
It's about health, not ideology for me. So I'll eat a piece of birthday cake that has eggs in it, or eat the cheese on the potato served by my hostess, and not complain. That means I eat vegan about 90% of the time, and vegetarian 9% of the time, with
1% of the time I eat animal flesh. I do try to avoid it, but I don't freak out about it if it slips by me.

So, Angela, you follow the diet that works best for you...and don't listen to anyone who tells you you must be this or that.

And buy that cuisinart. You really won't regret it!
Thanks for your insight. I definitely agree with using manners. I'm not in any situations
yet where I have to worry about compromising. I think the next time we are with family
I will just suggest bringing a dish or two and try to stay vegan that way.


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