I was wondering if any one here was into juicing? If so what type of juicer do you use? And what do you like to juice? Do you think it is cost effective, convenient, useful? It is something that I am considering but I am not sure if it would be cost effective and convenient if I am not going to use it every day. What do you think?

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I used to juice...but it's time consuming and my juicer was hard to clean.


  Now I blend; tomatoes, kale, spinach, carrots, cabbage, cukes, zukes....really whatever is in season and in my house, a bit of garlic and salt...yum!  All the nutrients partially broken down for ease of digestion, plus I keep the fiber. I make a big batch on the weekends and drink a glass or two every day, usually between meals to stave off the munchies that always seem to hit me around 10am and 3pm.

you know I love all of those veggies but that just sounds awful! But maybe I should give that a try. When I started thinking about juicing I started thinking about what I would like to juice and really all the sounds appealing is fruit so then its like why do it myself when it isn't all that expensive to buy decent fruit juices. But maybe I should give veggie juices a chance! I am probably just assuming they are not good because it is not something that I am accustom to hearing about. Thanks!

I juice like crazy, it definitely has its pro's and cons tho. 



-Super healthy!  As long as you are getting enough fiber in your diet as it is, you can cut down on a lot of calories by stripping it out of the veggies and just drinking the juice.  The only calories you're taking in are from the natural sugars so after a run or something it can be awsome. 

-Yum. Almost every juice I make is deliciouse. Most of them have a lot of carrot and celery in them which counter acts anything bitter like chard or kale.

-Easy to digest.  My stomach is fine but my Girlfriend has IBS and she can drink any juice I make on a empty stomach and it makes her feel great.



-Pricey. You do go thru a lot more fruit and veggies.  Make sure you aren't buying for Whole Foods or anything and plan your juices out so nothing stays in the fridge too long and goes bad.

-Time consuming.  Because a lot of juices like carrot and beets stain, you have to clean up immediately after juicing and every time you juice.  I've gotten pretty good and fast with practice.


I got a used Jack Lalane juicer from Craigslist so it wasn't too bad, $60 I think.  You can get better ones but this one is good enough for me.

Carrots and beets I prefer to juice but most other veggies I like to eat also.  Honestly in the last month i'm down to a juice a week.  Too time consuming.

My father got a "juicer" which is really a glorified blender by a former basketball player star. I hate it. You need four arms to open the lid. It is rarely used, just sits there, and it's a monstrosity.

I figure unless there's a reason why you can't swallow your vegetables chewed thoroughly, don't bother.


I don't "juice" but I "smoothie".  Which is almost juice but not quite.  It's easy fast and tastes very good.  It leaves beneficial plant solids in the food, which I think is good.  I think some juicers separate the fibers out.


For fruits, I use frozen fruits, usually about a cup of fruit, add some fruit juice to make them more blendable, blend, add about a half cup of soft tofu and blend again.  It's like eating yogurt or a milk shake.  If the fruits are very sour I add a half or whole teaspoon of honey or sugar before blending.  You eat out of the cup that you blend in so cleanup is easy.  I've done this with cherries, peaches, blueberries, strawberries, and a frozen fruit mix from the grocery store. 


For vegetables, I heat them in a pan for 5 minutes, about the same proportions.  A cup of vegetable, a cup of vegetable buillion or broth, a clove of garlic, some black pepper, and about half cup of soft tofu.  Heat 5 to 10 minutes, to tenderness.  Pour into the cup, blend.  Makes a very smooth "cream" soup.  I change varieties frequently, so one day it's broccoli, the next, cauliflower, then asparagus.  I haven't tried carrot but plan to.  Frozen veggies are faster to use than fresh, although some nutrients are probably lost from the frozen ones.  Might use dill or something different for that.  I've also made with potatoes which came out basically as mashed potatoes.


Like I say, it's not really juicing, but similar and I like it.


I use a "Magic Bullet" which is basically a small blender.  I used to use an actual blender and replaced the blender pitcher with a jelly jar that fit the blender fittings.  It never broke but I was a little nervous about using a glass jar.  Either way, clean up is very easy.  If food sticks, you can put in a cup of water and blend, that will usually do it.


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