How are you all, I am a Vegan Atheist from Australia looking to challenge the indoctrination of mammalian murder in our culture.


check out my current outreach post


This is my tiny online starting point . I feel it is about time we put our ethics where our plate is and " STOP THE MURDER !". Here in Australia if you don't grunt (I actually do wife hates it), drink beer and eat meat then you are ignored as a freak. Whilst I revel in being a freak, I would like to think that at least the one percent of society worth knowing would at least challenge these norms. However it disappoints me that more atheists do not take the ethics where it leads them and abandon the ways of the primitive human and adopt the ways of science to better our ethical footprint.




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PS  any vegans near me??? or even in OZ

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Best wishes Vegan Ape.  I hope you find some nearby "fellow travelors".

Thankyou for your kind words. cheers


Kind regards 




I'm vegan and near you but perhaps to near you.hehehexxx

I'm in Byron Bay, northern NSW. Where are you?

I agree with your statement "stop the murder" and  believe that a lot of the "normalisation" of society's dietary habits comes from the religious nonsense people are taught as children about man being in the image of god etc. We are animals who have evolved a large enough brain to be able to choose to be compassionate to other animals. It is a simple choice and requires no supernatural interpretations.

G'day Des, I am on NSW south coast but sometimes travel up north so will send you a PM if I am ever up your way. So glad to see someone who holds similar views to myself, It certainly is uncommon down this way. I have been to Byron bay before and it is a fantastic part of the world as well as Vegan friendly. If you have a look through some of my posts you may find them of some value or at least interest...cheers.

Kind set of regards


Look forward to meeting up VA! There are a few vegans / vegetarians up here, but less than you would expect from the reputation of the place. No decent vegan restaurants for example (IMHO). Visiting Melbourne in the new year, and they have a great range of veg restaurants. Bigger population though I guess.

You will find the process of change toward that of a vegan ideal asymptotic, You have clearly displayed your understanding of this in your analysis of the vegan bacteria conundrum. Don't be too concerned about this, when first one ventures down the rabbit hole it is normal to explore the limits of the new paradigm in with you find yourself. Most vegetarians become vegan purely as a matter of course. Once your realise how inefficient and cruel our indoctrinated consumption of animal proteins is, you will inevitably move away from consuming animal products in order of relative sentience. As bacteria are at the bottom one should never expect to reach a point in which they are prioritised ethically over your survival. However it is much easier to see the needlessness of chicken slavery for example. This change you and your life partner have made will be an extremely rewarding and enjoyable one. As a benefit your health will surely improve. Some needs however are to be observed wisely and they are as follows:

Whilst transitioning from one diet to another Multivitamins are a good idea.

Vitamin D is a must

Vitamin B12 is want sublingual b12 tablets that are absorbed under the tongue

Aim for about 1g / kg for protein

a good calorie target is 2500ish to start

Walnuts and flaxseed will give you your essential fats ( flaxseed must be ground and then refrigerated as it goes rancid quickly once ground and will not digest unground)

Also not a bad idea to take probiotic capsules as they can be obtained dairy free unlike yakult.

Congratulations on your choice and enjoy the new paradigm .... I hate that word.....

Have a great NewYear and we may be able to work out some combined bulk purchases of vegan supplies...Stay tuned....


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