I think eating animals is just plain gross. Even before I cut meat out completely, it always made me kind of sad to eat it. I'm not a vegan, but am working on becoming one someday. I love animals, and am a very strong animal rights activist.

How about you?

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Read the book "Skinny Bitch" or "Skinny Bastard" then you will know all the reasons why I'm vegan and eat organic and avoid many of the poisons that are in our stores. I'm just too much of a rebel to eat what the US government considers food. I want control over the foods I put on the family table. No one is going to force my family to be poisoned. We live in a very scary world.
I have just recently given up eating meat. Although I was aware of the suffering industrialized farming produced and had even seen a sheep being slaughtered ritualy before my own eyes (gruesome), I always thought giving up meat would be to "hard" for me. Maybe it was just lazyness and the wish to conform with everyone around me... Since I started reading more about the way our brains work, the question of animal pain became much more pressing for me. And then I heard a lecture by philosopher Peter Singer, who finally persuaded me that pain/suffering feels essentially the same, regardless if you are a human with an evolved mind or a pig with a rudimental sense of "being a pig". This was the last straw for me, I couldn`t rationalize eating meat any more in any way at all- and so I stopped doing it.
I became a vegetarian by chance, 4 years ago I was up late at night and had decided to clean my closet out. After I finished I noticed a cookbook that happened to be a vegetarian. I only read the intro/preface but it changed me completely. I didnt know it was so unhealty and that animals were treated with so much cruelty. I guess having had insomnia and letting my room go to hell paid off in the end. I became a vegan about one year ago when I realized that how bad cows/chickens are exploited, the environmental aspect made my jaw drop. Now the only question is..How did the cookbook get there in the first place?
I received literature from a group called Vegan Outreach that helped me to understand that not eating meat would be a logical extension of the kind, progressive values I already lived by. It's more consistent with the person I've always strived to become.
I used to look into the vegetarian / vegan lifestyle. I was a vegetarian for about 30 days. Sometimes I wish I was still a vegetarian but we eat out a lot and it it really hard where I live to find a variety of good and healthy veg meals.
Do you at least eat less meat than you did before, Glen? Just by eating half as much you're making a big positive impact on your health, the environment and the lives of animals.
I dated a girl 5 years ago who was a vegetarian for ethical reasons, and I was not at the time. I had always done volunteer animal rehabilitation, had a strong interest in zoology, etc. since I was a child. However, being indoctrinated with the idea that meat was food, I was one of those who made the distinction between "animals which are pets" and "animals which are food." She showed me videos and information behind the scenes of factory farming. I suppose I'd never looked for the truth, and like many, shopped at the grocery store with a detached sense, not really viewing the products I was buying as having once belonged to a living creature just as I am. I thought that there were these huge fields of grass that the animals lived in until they were 'harvested.' Once I saw the truth, I couldn't do it anymore. You can see most of my viewpoints in a debate I had on the forum thread about "humans eating animals" in the Water Cooler section, which capped out on replies earlier this week. Glad to be here, guys. It's been 5 good years. Nice to see others in my minority!
I grew up eating meat. I got home one night after eating a nice steak and did some searching for some horse stuff on youtube. Well, you know youtube one thing leads to another, and I ended up clicking on something about horse slaughter (which I didn't know they did). One video led to another *click* *click* *click*. I will never be able to un-see what I saw. If I could have thrown up that steak, I would have. I decided at that moment I did not want to be a part of that ever again. I continued looking into it and when I found more about the antibiotics, the hormones, the cruel treatment- what other choice could i make but vegetarianism? I have since gone vegan, and thought it is hard, I really feel that i am being part of the solution. One unexpected plus was that my health improved greatly. Weight is more healthy, blood work shows all things normal, activity level went up -and, I sleep better at night too.
I was persuaded by the book Animal Liberation by Pete Singer.


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