I think eating animals is just plain gross. Even before I cut meat out completely, it always made me kind of sad to eat it. I'm not a vegan, but am working on becoming one someday. I love animals, and am a very strong animal rights activist.

How about you?

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Because you persuaded me into trying it and opend my eyes to the crualty and harm that the animals go through and it made kind of nautious, and so i became a vegetarian. Thank you baby :D
I stopped eating meat around May of 2004 as a kind of social experiment. The guy I was going out with (and now live with) was reluctant to tell me he was vegetarian, as if I wouldn't go out with him because of it. This struck me a really odd as it didn't make a difference to me, but it made me think of what his experience being vegetarian in a meat-eating world must be like. So, I said to myself (we had a long distance thing going for a bit, and I didn't tell him at all until a few months later whilst visiting him) that I'd give it up for a month to see how people around me would react. It's wasn't all bad, but there were definitely moments when this ridiculous, irrational prejudice came out of people (it's been like this ever since--people are weird towards vegetarians).

I stopped eating meat and quit smoking (after about ten years, pack a day) on the same day. Not eating meat and becoming more preoccupied with my diet completely took my mind of wanting to smoke, so that went well. I became more interested in ethnic foods and types of foods I hadn't really considered before. Well, the month went by and I really didn't miss meat. I've not had the desire to go back and eat it again. Over time, not eating it has made me more aware of things--the industries producing it, etc., so it's safe to say that what started out as a social experiment gradually became an ethical/moral matter as well. And health (my heart's crap).

So, yeah. Since then, no meat--except one time cheese wontons were advertised and a quick bite and swallow revealed it to actually be a shrimp and cheese wonton. *grumble, grumble* Bastards.
First of all, eating meat is just gross!

Second, I have a hard time not seeing animals as having lives, personalities and as valuable as human life. While I would still save the life of a human over an animal, and eat an animal first, I can't help but wonder why people feel that the lives of animals are worthless.
Tofutti makes a cream cheese that comes in other flavors besides plain and is very good.

There are various types of ice creams that are not made from milk (or let's call it what it really is, pus), but made from rice, almond, coconut and/or soy milks.

I gross out on milk products knowing what it really is and what it really contains and even if one isn't concerned about the cruelty of animals, this cruelty is affecting what one drinks and eats. It's really not healthy and quite disgusting.
I was raised in a very reform Jewish family, but never really believed the religion (or any for that matter), and because of this really analyzed moral teachings for myself instead of accepting them blindly. I had not the slightest clue what occurred on factory farms or in slaughter houses, yet for as long as I can remember I could never justify human treatment of non-human animals doing things as grave as taking their lives for our smallest pleasures, but I really didn't let it bother me prior to college.

When I entered college (fall 2006) I was finally in charge of my own diet to a larger extent and more and more the moral contradictions I saw between these treatments bothered me finally culminating in my becoming a vegetarian in January of 2007. That's what really got me to reading about the meat industry and animal rights and before too long I realized that just not eating meat really wasn't solving this moral dilemma I saw in my life. The milk I was drinking was still releasing as much greenhouse gas emissions as all of transportation and supporting the veal industry, the eggs were coming from hens who were stuck in cages where they could never open their wings and whose male counterparts at birth had been gassed, shredded, or dumped into garbage bags to suffocate, and even under the best circumstances of organic free-range milk farming, an animal was still being forcefully inseminated, then immediately after birth has her child torn away traumatizing both the mother and child, then the udders swell up until they become painful for the mother who cannot relieve this pressure herself and comes rushing to be milked and relieve this pain, leaving my omnivorous friends to exclaim, "Look how much they like being milked!"

For those reasons I decided to become a vegan in March of 2008 and have been doing very well. I really don't miss the foods I thought I would've, my mom always exclaims how she can't believe it considering how much meat and ice cream I'd scarf down when I lived at home.

I'm not so much a non-human animal person as most animal rights people, I don't mind non-human animals at all, but am not particularly excited to cohabitate with one (I certainly wouldn't be okay with owning another animal). I'm very much an animal rights activist.

I think the group starter should add environmental reasons to reasons why somebody would be vegetarian or vegan, because if I wasn't already convinced by the animal rights reasons to be vegan, I'd still be one at this point knowing the environmental impact of raising non-human animals for our consumption and know several other people who are vegetarian or vegan for environmental reasons.
Can't believe I left that out. I will definitely add that : )
I have always had empathy for animals, but that wasn't the main driver that lead to dropping meat. I have been growing concerned about the sustainability for meat. Cows eat a huge amount of vegetation in calories, and then when consumed, will only give you only so many calories. Also the fact that the cow will consume 1 million calories in its life time is another angle to this.

Raising extra vegetation to raise animals means that forest have to be cut down, and more encroachment into dwindling wild space is a major problem. And water is a growing short, even here in the US.

At first I cut red meat and the "other white meat" as a start, then cut white meat and fisth. And then I was mostly vegetarian. I realized that if I didn't become vegetarian, full time, meat would always be pushed on me. So I cut meat altogether.

The cut from meat altogether turned out to be a good move, because it caused people to asked questions about why meat is bad.
First off I think what you've done so far is wonderful by cutting meat out of your diet Tedster as well as increasing the awareness of those around you.

That being said, all of the reasons you gave above sound like convincing reasons to be vegan. Drinking milk and eating eggs will still have the same environmental impact of raising those cows and chickens.

If being a vegetarian got people to start asking about why meat is bad just imagine what being a vegan would do? Yeah, people will probably think you're some crazy animal person, but then you have no animal reasons at all involved in your reasoning and would have a very strong reply to that.
As a non-vegetarian/-vegan, allow me to reply..
Oh. My. God. (pardon my French) how can one honestly look upon the eating of an animal as "gross"? Sure, discard millions of years of evolution, involving the ability to consume both meat and vegetable. It's only THE most natural thing to do besides breathing and drinking... It also contains a bunch of rather important vitamins that are hard to get from anything else than supplements and it's a good source of iron.
Not to mention that it's delicious! :D (though that's a matter of personal taste, I suppose..)
And don't get me wrong, I appreciate a good vegetarian meal every now and then, I'm not one of those heavily carnivorous types who won't let a day pass without having eaten a steak or two. But damn..
I support biological cattle farming and I'm more likely to stab an animal abuser to death than most others. In fact, I place human no higher than animals. But then the other way around: I feel that most healthcare should be taken away, that most humans ought to be terminated on the spot. I believe we failed as a species. Nevertheless, it remains my right as an animal to try and kill and eat another animal if I can/need/want and if I get killed trying, that's bloody well natural selection for you, because thát's what I'm all about.
A little note to the vegans around: you dó realise that large portions of rainforest are cut down to make way for soy fields to fulfil your ever growing demand for soy, right?

So. Instead of telling you why I'm a vegetarian, I told you why I'm not. I reckon it's good to give both sides a voice. =)
Oh, and if you háve to be a vegetarian, don't dare to keep eating fish. They're animals, too. =)
(and I love eating them, heh.)
Well, there goes my interest in this group. I'm a little short on patience today, but I must say, I didn't join this group to argue/debate with those who eat meat. I don't care that others eat meat. I see it as their decision. I also don't care to justify my dietary decisions to them.

I joined this group for the same reasons I joined this whole network. As an atheist, it's nice to have a place to go and talk to people with similar interests. I'm not here to argue with and justify myself to Christians. And I didn't join this group to do the same with meat-eaters.
My thoughts exactly. Thank you : )
I'm sure there are certain food items that you find "gross" as well. Who cares if it's natural? If I don't like it, I'm not going to eat it.


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