I'm disillusioned with atheist groups that only want to denigrate religion and faith and theism. So glad to be here!

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Welcome to the forum. Though I may be slightly guilty as charged. I have a problem with theist that try to force their faith on us through the government and accuse atheist of being without morals. Here is a recent example of what I'm referring to. http://www.alternet.org/belief/151086


Hey Eddie


I also have a problem with those theists. But I can see value in religion, too. Had a ridiculously log debate on twitter with a fellow hell-bound sceptic who can't see value in religion, let alone UU. I think most sceptics/atheists are like that -- they become disillusioned by religion, faith and theism but do not do their homework on religious alternatives. That is why so few people know about Ethical Culture, Reconstructionist Judaism, Unitarian Universalism, Friends, etc.

I think atheists start from the premise that any good religion does can be done secularly.  That's as may be, but when it comes to forming community, religion has it all over atheism.  Yes, atheists can form communities, but usually don't. 

I've started going to my local UU discussion groups and by doing so doubled the number of atheists there.  UUism can be pretty much religious.  You make do with what you have and keep a low profile.

¿UU? is a religion. Religious community, a combined search for meaning, is the point.

It's just not dogmatic or theistic.

Hi! Glad to see you here.


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