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I'd say my favorite would have to be Dr. McCoy from the original Star Trek.

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I'm lost up until you mentioned Torres. I am not at all familiar with any of the characters you mentioned. Loved the Holographic doctor. For some reason I find that guy hilarious.

Dammit Jim I'm a doctor not a...

best line in the entire history of television and cinema.
I'm personally a Voyager freak. As a homosexual, I've never been so attracted to women on television as I am to the characters on Voyager, and for some odd reason, not TNG or the other series.
I've often wanted to wake up during the 37's episode of Voyager.
As a queer, I'm aware that odds are like 85% that Earhart was a lesbian, and of course, I've always imagined that if Paramount wasn't so homophobic, Janeway would be at least bi. I really think there'd be something there...
That's my ramble right now :)

Kev :)
My favourite character is, and always has been, Spock :)
T' Pol from Enterprise. What can beat sexy logic?
I hear that.
Odo, I always liked him.
Where in the alpha quadrant did you get a teddy borg? I want one!!
You remind me a little of Persephone.
Data, gotta love the cold android yearning for the warmth of emotions.
Spock, one can relate to his inner struggle.
Q, the galactic chief of mischief, need I say more?
My favorite has always been Spock in the original series and Worf in the next generation.


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