I so want to go. That would be my dream vacation. I've never had the opportunity to visit any catacombs or an ossuary. The pics of these places are awesome.

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Another awesome catacomb pic. This is by Scott Haefner.
Looks fascinating!! I will have to ask my mom if she went...she may have taken pics! She has been to Paris like 3 times...lucky bitch!! :)
Wow! First response ever on Macabre Atheists.

I so want to go to the catacombs, and those underground cities. Ever seen the History Channel's Cities of the Underworld?
Absolutely!! I love that show. That dude has the best gig ever!!
That dude has the best gig ever!!

Tell me about it! My life is so boring compared to his.
Haha...yea, I have the most uninteresting and pathetic life ever!! If I could but get to New Orleans that would be something!!
You're in a rural town, right?
A suburb outside of Charlotte. Not much here. I'm sure I could find something if I really tried.
Well, with a kid to raise, it's hard to think about much else, I'm sure.
I went to the catacombs when I was in Paris last November. I didn't take any pictures because there would have been strangers in every one. Like everything in Paris these days, it was super crowded. Whatever sense of mystery and macabre the catacombs may have once had was lost by being surrounded by throngs of people.
Oh yes, I can imagine. Noisy crowds would totally ruin the mystique of the catacombs. There is a lot to be said for silence and solitude when it comes to certain things.
Has anyone seen Catacombs the movie with Shannyn Sossaman and Pink? Dallas, I'm sure you have, and have it posted somewhere--but I just watched it and it is fucked up!! Woo...killer movie.


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