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37. Miracles

    If a Christian man loses a leg in a big accident, priests say it is a miracle that he has lost just one leg, and they (priests) assure the injured man that it was the protection of God.  So the injured man thanks God and offers money to church (priests).


    If the man loses the other leg again in another big accident, priests say it is again a miracle and God’s special love that his two arms are safe. So the Christian man thanks God and offers money to church.  Religionists are positive thinkers; they always look at the bright side of calamites and never fail to find the bright side of the calamities. 


    If the man loses his two arms in still another big accident, priests will say it is another incredible miracle and God’s protection that he has not lost his head.  So the Christian will thank God even deeply and praise God and also offer money to church.


    What if he dies in another accident?  No problem.  Priests will say, “God took him to heaven because he has been so faithful to God throughout his life. God just wanted to lessen his pain in this world.”  So the families of the dead man will thank God and offer money to priests.


    Another story:  If an airplane crash occurs and one and only survivor turns out to be a Christian, all his Christian friends and priests thank God saying that it is a miracle, and they will tell other people that God has performed a miracle to saved the life of the Christian.  What about the other Christians died in the same crash?  They were all taken to heaven. What about all non-Christians died in the crash? They all went to hell. 


    All other gods (Allah, Brahman, Buddha, etc.) create the same sort of miracles. In this way, each god is busy protecting his people or taking them to heaven and sending all non-believers to hell.  According to religionists, miracles and protection occur every day. The problem is that miracles happen with calamities.  It is a miracle that priests make people believe that God makes miracles and save people from disasters and make them offer money to church.  Thus Christian deaf people, blind people, disabled people, and poor people are busy thanking Jesus or God and offering money to church.  Priests teach them to confess with tears in their eyes, “I am the happiest creature on the earth. I cannot be happier.  I do not envy any healthy or rich non-believers because I am living in His love and grace and non-believers shall be put to eternal hell of fire!” 


     All other priests and believers of other religions do the same thing. Communist priests (communist nobles or leaders) do the similar things.  Disciples of Kim Il-Sung and his dear son, the living Gods of North Korean people, teach his people to believe and confess, “It is a mercy and love of Father Kim Il-sung and his dear Son that they let us eat corn and they protect us from the US imperialist devils.  We may not rich, but we are living in the utmost happiness in the wisdom and love of Father Kim and his dear Son.”  (This chapter was written in 1989 when Kim the Father of North Korean people was still living. Many North Korean people have died in famine since and still they are dying in famine.)


   We should remember that all gods are omniscient and omnipotent. Then, there arises a question:  What do gods do before all the misfortunes occur?  Why is it that ancient type of miracles does not happen in these days?  Ancient type of miracles never happened. They happened only on the lips of ancient priests.  The evidence is that lepers, blind persons, deaf persons, sick persons, and dead persons of modern days cannot be cured or revived by prayer. 


    Modern doctors cure sick persons or injured persons by killing germs or operations, not by casting out demons or devils.  Doctors are doing their jobs against the will or providence of God. In the past, people were taught that the fate of a person is the providence of God. If a North Korean doctor cures a patient, the cured person cries out, “Thank you, Father Kim Il-Sung!” bowing to Kim’s portrait on the wall.  (Kim’s portraits are omnipresent in the North Korean hell.)  Modern miracles happen every day. They are the by-products of accidents or calamities. We had better pray priests to pray God to reduce the miracles.


    David Hume (1711–1776, Scottish philosopher and historian) mentioned about miracles  as follows: 

  • People often lie, and they have good reasons to lie about miracles occurring either because they believe they are doing so for the benefit of their religion or because of the fame that results.
  • People by nature enjoy relating miracles they have heard without caring for their veracity and thus miracles are easily transmitted even where false.
  • Hume notes that miracles seem to occur mostly in "ignorant" and "barbarous" nations and times, and the reason they don't occur in the "civilized" societies is such societies aren't awed by what they know to be natural events.
  • The miracles of each religion argue against all other religions and their miracles, and so even if a proportion of all reported miracles across the world fit Hume's requirement for belief, the miracles of each religion make the other less likely.



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