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The Rapture. The Apocalypse. Armageddon. Judgment Day. The End of Days. Revelation. The Second Coming. Known by many names, it's one of the most toxic, ancient religious beliefs we're still stuck with today. Please post any and all things exposing this lunacy and let's figure out how to reduce and even eradicate this twisted idea of mass suicide.

The study of End Times is also known as eschatology.

Warning - Remember, don't get despaired. It's their delusional dream of global suicide based on the hallucinations of some bad, accidental science fiction writers.

Some links to the insanity...
Rapture Ready
Satan's Rapture

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Understanding the Mayan Apocalypse And Why It Would be Foolish to Think It Meant Cease 12/21/12

Started by James M. Martin Jan 2, 2013. 0 Replies

When we woke up December 21 last year, the same old Christer lawn decorations greeted our gaze outside; laughing nervously, we probably thought, Aha, the Mayans were wrong.  Or, as others, including…Continue

Lesser of two evils, a thought experiment.

Started by Vulpes. Last reply by James M. Martin Aug 30, 2011. 1 Reply

As most of us know, there are two main camps when it comes two religion and the end of the world. The first is the "no one knows the day or hour" camp and the second is the " end times are near"…Continue

2012: The film

Started by Jo Jerome. Last reply by L. Olcott Feb 22, 2011. 8 Replies

I'm actually on my way to see it in about an hour. Eager for a good CGI-fest of world destruction and carrying low expectations as far as narrative or intelligent plot, I think it's a safe bet (not…Continue

The End Times Comics Page

Started by Dave Rogers. Last reply by L. Olcott Feb 22, 2011. 8 Replies

A place to post images, cartoons and videos of all things End Times...Continue

Apocalypses: Prophecies, Cults, and Millennial Beliefs through the Ages

Started by Nate. Last reply by Vulpes Nov 30, 2010. 8 Replies

This book should be required reading for all those proclaiming that "the End is near!" It was instrumental in my personal deprogramming from an apocalyptic cult.Here's some of the Harvard University…Continue

Tags: Eugen Weber, cults, last days, end times, apocalypse

The Endmeme

Started by Richard Goscicki. Last reply by El Solo Lobo Mar 12, 2010. 6 Replies

I have something to say about this rapture bullshit.  I wrote Mirror Reversal before the End Of Faith and was the first to talk about the danger of the "endmeme."  It's the blief that Christ or the…Continue

Tags: Reversal, Mirror, Aristopus, endmeme

The Sick and Twisted Fantasy of Global Genocide

Started by Dave Rogers. Last reply by Jo Jerome Dec 22, 2009. 4 Replies

Hipocritical Christian politicians, Creationism in schools, public Nativity scenes at Christmas, Pro-Life movement, etc... although all problems in their own right, do not hold a candle to what I…Continue

Tags: Times, End, Belief

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Comment by Hugh Kramer on December 23, 2009 at 1:37am
You have the characters a little mixed up, Richard. Constantine killed his first-born son and his second wife, not his brother and mother. Here's how the story goes:

Constantine had 4 sons. The eldest, named Crispus, was by his first wife, Minervina. The other 3 were by his second wife, Fausta. Crispus was a handsome lad, popular with the people and Constantine, they say, was jealous of him. Fausta, who wanted her own sons to inherit the throne, played on Constantine's jealousy and told him that Crispus had raped her. Constantine flew into a rage and ordered the young man imprisoned and poisoned in his cell. Then, when he found out that Fausta had lied to him, he had her suffocated in an over-heated bath.

In some accounts, Constantine received baptism as a Christian only on his death-bed, thus allowing him the time to commit his many crimes and still have them washed away at the last minute by the blood of the Savior.
Comment by Richard Goscicki on December 22, 2009 at 11:25pm
Here's a good one. Constantine definitely killed his rival brother and one historian I know says he also killed St. Helena, his mother. He felt a guilty about the fratricide and sought forgiveness from the gods. The sibyls would have nothing to do with him, however, and told him he just had to live with it.

His mother, a devout Christian, told him to go to the Christians. They in turn told him, “sure, our God forgives all sins. You’re okay.”

“Shuuu,” said the emperor, “that was a close one. I’m a new man.” So he proceeded to have a really wild hallucination and then imposed his new belief system on the entire Roman Empire. I mean, it was a "believe or die" situation.

The result: seventeen hundred years later we have to listen to some fanatical tele-evangelist every time we turn on the TV on a Sunday morning.

How about the Joyce Mayer Ministries or Rev John Hagee? All because the Emperor Constantine had a serious guilt complex. I wonder why they never taught me that in Catholic high school.
Comment by James M. Martin on December 22, 2009 at 9:25pm
Love your characterization of Saul Paul as "that twisted little misogynist," lol. Many also suspect that he was also a closet homosexual. But I am afraid this gives homosexuals a bad name.
Comment by Hugh Kramer on December 22, 2009 at 7:27pm
At the time Constantine issued his Edict of Toleration in 313 CE, Christians made up perhaps 10% of the Roman population and concentrated mostly in its eastern half. That's a pretty significant percentage, especially when you consider that the heaviest persecutions of them took place in the 50 years immediately before the Edict (for the previous 200 years, persecutions were sporadic and rarely empire-wide). So I think that twisted, little misogynist, St. Paul, deserves a lot of the credit (or blame) for creating a religion tough enough to thrive under pressure.
Comment by Richard Goscicki on December 22, 2009 at 6:25pm
What an irony that Constantine had more to do with the spread of Christianity than Christ and/or the apostles, including St. Paul. Until Constantine came along, it was just a weird cult with secret handshakes, fish symbols, sign of the cross gestures, and even some form of canabalism.
Comment by James M. Martin on December 22, 2009 at 6:13pm
This is why the Christers have polemicized the fall of Rome. They blame it on homosexuality, while some scientists claim that the lead used in making aquaducts, made the Romans crazy. But the best explanation was offered by Gibbon: Christianity destroyed paganism, which was worship of nature through deities. Ideally, in a polytheistic world, no one would dare say, "My god is better than your god." Of course this is precisely what Constantine said and did.
Comment by Richard Goscicki on December 22, 2009 at 6:10pm
I was really mad when I heard about the movie 2012. People who are into this bullshit take the end of the world so cavalierly. They have no idea of the ineffable loss. There’s a line in Jesus Camp where the DJ says, “rape this world, rape this Earth, take everything you want from it, because it doesn’t matter. We’re not here for very long. Christ is coming to take us away….cut down our trees, use all our oil… ”

I’ve felt for a long time that religion diverts and perverts the love and respect that we should have for nature to an imaginary plastic God. Tethys (the primordial ocean) is the real mother of life, not the Virgin Mary or Eve or whomever the Bible claims.

There’s no way the Amazon Rain Forest would be half of what it was a century ago if nature were not considered a gift from God. It was a sad day for the non-human life on the planet when some primitive goat herder or fisherman wrote humans have dominion over the Earth.

(If you haven’t seen Jesus Camp you’re in for a shock. It let’s us know what we’re up against. The cited quote comes from video 2 at 7:30.)
Comment by David Miller on December 22, 2009 at 5:18pm
@ John, No but I certainly will. That is probably how my friend came across this information. (You are certainly growing my book que)
Comment by Jason Spicer on December 22, 2009 at 3:09pm
OK, hair on your pimples is definitely a sign of the end times. It's all starting to make sense. Masturbation is a sin, and with 6.5 billion people on the planet, that's a lot of sinning. God will step in any day now to get us all to keep it in our pants. The world may not physically end, but it will seem like it.

See? Eschatology = scatology.
Comment by James M. Martin on December 22, 2009 at 2:45pm
I donno about warts on my nose, but I did get hair on my palms and pimples once from masturbating.

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