One of the most hateful women I know is one of my neighbors (near my house). 

She's a pediatrician who has small children.  Her husband is also a pediatrician.  He is reasonably pleasant but standoffish. 

But she ... oh, man.  She's in the habit of giving me Horrible Glares.  Prolonged stares with her face curdled with hate.  For awhile I ascribed it to my walking my dog, a growly German Shepherd, past their house.  But even after I stopped walking my dog past their house, she was still incredibly antagonistic. 

She knows I have a severe dog allergy.  While I was still trying to live in my house (it makes me sick probably because of the dog allergen in it) I was eating outside, and once she walked her dog past me Very Very Slowly while I was eating, apparently to threaten me with an allergic reaction.  That is very aggressive!

I have never done anything unkind to this woman, and I think her hate is because she feels SO trapped.  She's surrounded by Structures, like a barnacle.  She has a House, she has Children, she has a Demanding Responsible Job, she has a Husband.  And I think she HATES being in all this and it is a real trap, and she is virulently, almost violently envious of me,who am without children and not working. 

It seems strange that someone would envy me, because I've had HUGE problems in my life.  My life has been a long struggle.  But she doesn't know about all that. 

It's still true that parenting encroaches more on a woman's life than on a man's, on average.  So the hatred of mothers who resent being mothers is a Virulent thing!

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