Tragouthia Apo To Aima Exoun Fonos (Song from the Blood of Those Murdered)

The self-titled album, Diamanda Galás, had only two pieces, one on each side: “Panoptikon” and “Tragouthia Apo To Aima Exoun Fonos (Song from the Blood of Those Murdered).”

When a friend lent me this album back in 1987, it was like a chasm had opened beneath my feet, or perhaps above my head. I can’t remember which. This was nothing like I had ever heard before. I was brought up listening to pop music like most people. The fact that something like this could exist was extraordinary to me.  I can honestly say that it changed me in some way.

Try as I may, I cannot find either a video or an MP3 of “Panoptikon,” which is actually my favorite of the two, though the piece posted below is extraordinary by its own right. Anyone out there who is able to find “Panoptikon” online or to find me MP3s of these two songs will be my BFF.

To call this work avant-garde is an understatement. This will be unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Proceed, if you dare!

Here is her official site.


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It's great to know there's at least another Galas fan here!
I had no idea you were a fan. There are just so many reasons why I love you, Jaume! : )


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