I listen to a wide, wide variety of music. An important part of enjoying different kinds of music is appreciating it in context to its place and time--understanding what it is and appreciating it for that. Taking that attitude, I think you can even acknowledge the importance and influence of music you don’t care for – such as hip-hop, in my case.


I tend to go through periods where I listen to genres a lot—such as experimental/industrial or dark ambient/isolationist. Then I’ll switch to Goth for a while, then 1920-1940s kind of stuff, then country.


When I was a teen in the 80s I loved 80s rock, of course (or “new wave” as we called it then). Then in the 90s I couldn’t stand it. Now that I’m in my 40s I really enjoy revisiting the 80s stuff. I listen to Culture Club quite often, actually.


But regardless of my moods, there are quite a few songs that I never seem to get tired of listening to. I’m going to post some as videos below. I’m sure I can think of more later on.


What songs do you never tire of hearing? They can be popular, obscure, or just old favorites.

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Perhaps not quite the same tenor as most of the above ... but I cannot ever imagine tiring of the amazing choral music of Eric Whitacre:

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More where that came from, if you're interested.
Very diverse: Marilyn Manson and Dolly Parton on the same list!
Yazoo "Only You". Can't get the bloody video through "share" though.
Did that work? No!
Here it is.

Jeebus Effin' Christ man! That brought back some memories. 1986/7 for me. High school. My best friend loved Yazoo. How many times did we listen to this song!??!!
1982: very little of the Punk I was wild about had survived. The Clash had gone wierd, the others had broken up - except for the brilliant Jam - and in the middle of all the pop trash came this piece of perfect music. Still love it.
My favorite song of all time, the song that got me into music, really. I discovered it in 1992 when I was 11 so I've heard it millions of times by now.

Some songs are so complex I hear new details even years later.

And Renaissance, I've been hearing them ever since I was a kid, so if I'm not tired of them by now, I never will be.

The studio recording of "Close To The Edge" by Yes.


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