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I've loved these two since I first saw them a few years ago, they're just amazing ^.^ Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for sharing, I've never heard of them before. Although the 'flamenco' tag is a bit of a stretch ;-)
Although the 'flamenco' tag is a bit of a stretch ;-)

Why is that? Isn't it flamenco-esque, or flamenco inspired? Should I have used another label instead?
Well, they use flamenco-style guitars, and there are common roots with flamenco music because of Spanish heritage, but the comparison stops there. I can hear a whole lot of differences. The most striking one is these two artists rely a lot on short repetitive melodic and rhythmic cells, something flamenco avoids.

You could make a similar comparison between, say, bebop and punk rock. I guess an Uzbek who would grow up with little knowledge of American culture would liken bebop and punk rock because of similarities which either don't exist, exist in a different form, or are anecdotal in traditional Uzbek music (like the drum set, bass lines, offbeat 4/4 for example).
I see. Yes, well, it would be my lack of experience then that would prevent me from getting that. I love all kinds of music, but know basically nothing about the creation of it, or its history.


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