Someone started something similar to this on the Nexus Book Club, and I thought it might be kind of fun to start something similar here.

See if you can guess which song these lyrics are from. No Internet searches. You have to search your mind for the answer.

You must guess the title and the artist correctly to win.

The first person that gets it right then gets to post the next lyrics line for everyone else to guess. If you are 100% certain you got it right, you do not need to wait for the original poster to say so. Go ahead and post your next challenge if you are positive you got it.

Keep it clean, and keep it reasonably accessible, nothing too off-the-beaten-path. But don’t make it too easy either. Example: Rainy days and Mondays always get me down, is way too easy.

Also, if any challenge is posted that remains unanswered – that turns out to be too difficult and remains unanswered for a long time, that turn will be forfeited and I will start the next quiz.

Also, every time you start a new challenge, be sure to reply only to the original post, and not to a previous comment. This will allow for more responses directly under each challenge.

So here’s the first lyrics challenge:

“Well I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer.”

Any clue?

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Tricia, looks like everyone is stumped. Better tell us, then I'll start the next one.
Butterfly by DJ Mystic
its a cool song, you should listen to it
Okay, since we didn't have a winner, here are the next lyrics:

And as for fame, it's just a name...
"Death of a Honey-Blonde", by Juliet Capulet.
Does this song have anything in common with Charlemagne or cosmetics?

Here's a little more"

And as for fame, it's just a name,
it only satisfies you for a while.
You say you hunger...
No. Think 80s, British bands.
Okay, well I guess no one is gonna get it:

The Thompson Twins, "If I Was King for Just One Day."

Jeff, since no one else has responded, I dub you the next contestant.
There's a 80's popular French song with lyrics very similar to these. IIRC its name is "Chacun fait ce qui lui plait". Can't remember the band's name.


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