"Kreeme Horne", by Merzbow & Genesis P. Orridge

From the album A Perfect Pain.


Genesis P. Orridge

Here is the text to this piece. Punctuation, grammar, lack of capitaliztion, and spelling are as they appear on the CD insert.

"Kreeme Horne"

in praise of the grotesque.
i would like to point out at this moment in time that i and oneself are probably very outsane and given as many different possible ways of interpreting one's mysterious existence this state is less than obnoxious. and so, now we have established the real connection between thou 'the listener' and me 'the speaker' i would like to discuss something with you. it's a simple matter, it's not complicated. but it's something with you. it's a simple matter, it's not complicated. but it's something i feel compelled to remind you of. i suggest, i do, i suggest, i suggest discussing and thinking about and visualizing the kreeme horne. i hope you understand what a kreeme horne might be? so, this is a little text in praise of the grotesque, and, being grotesque myself i like to think it's about loving each other. so, love me if you can because i'm determined to find a way to be. close to you.
there are those of us who make a bitter pretense of loving.
we pretend we are loving life
whilst suffering the deepest torment and aguish at sharing any moment with the sentimental herd.
sauntering stupification is our lot.
a shadowless existence illuminated by altruistic horrors and charity and compassion.
we are homely, and disfigured by the sheer intensity of our hideous impulses.
our greatest achievements are validated by their degree of monstrosity.
we are as deformed as the benevolent wrath of your wild 'god'
we are marred only by the curdling curse of remaining still human
despite or most cruel efforts.
there can be no kindness within our emotions.
no hesitation in our violence.
no joy in the blessings or wonders of nature.
we are foul, loathsome, offensive, repugnant and harsh.
we are the ugliness, the disonnected.
we are the awkward, the disgraceful.
we are the ugliness.
we are disenchanted.

Tags: experimental, genesis p-orridge, merzbow, music, noise

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