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I am fully prepared atheist from Ohio moving to Houston next week. Any advice so that I can actually make new friends, I hear it is hard for "us".

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Not hard to make friends at all. 

Two things to know: "Fixing" means something you are about to do.  Like... Him: "I'm fixing to go to the store, want me to pick you up a Coke?" Her: "Yep, thank you." Him: "What kind?" Her: "Dr. Pepper".

Things to look out for: Droughts, fire ants, Fundamentalist rewriting Texas school books, wild fires, Republican redistricting, and now slimy, parasite-carrying giant African land snails!

If you are driving down the highway and you see a little critter laying on its back holding up a bottle of Lone Star (beer). Pay it no mind, some of the boys have been playing around with a dead armadillo. They do that when they are not mudding.

If a guy wants to know if you want to "go mudding" get back to me.

Welcome to Texas, enjoy :-)


I'm from Texas, but when I see "mudding" I think back to text-based gaming. :D

Does mudding happen to involve something starting with a c and comes in its own can, so to speak? ;) If so, I have yet to be so adventurous as to mud, myself, nor have I ever had the pleasure of devouring the nervous end of said canned critter.


HA!  Mudding is running your pick-up truck through a mud hole until you get stuck. Drinking is a part of the process.


Try Houston Meet-Up.

These folks will keep you active.  I have not had the opportunity to go to any of the meets.  Some activities start while I am work and I don't have a car to get there in a timely manner.

What kind of meets are you talking about?  Do you guys in Houston get together sometimes. I am in Bastrop and I'd like to meet some of you from Houston.  Moved here from Houston.



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