I have always loved the smell of desert rain.  I am not 100% sure what causes that unique smell to this region, but I had missed it for many years when I lived up North.  It's raining today and it is good to be home.  Does anyone know what I am talking about, or more specifically what causes the unique aroma?  I have heard it's the Creosote bush, but I do not know for sure.

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Yep...creosote bush (otherwise known as Chaparral) has an oily type of leaf that releases it's aroma when it rains here. I missed it like crazy too when I moved to Jersey for a couple years.

Thanks eintob, now if only they made air fresheners for my car with that sent...i know it wouldn't be the same but it would still be nice.

I don't know what causes the smell but I do know it's great when you are hiking and it starts to pour, the smells are great and the desert animals are very active. It's definitely worth getting soaked over.


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