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In this world, we can't get away from religion. We've been exposed to false information regarding contraception failure rates and experienced the STD scare tactics. Some of us may even have gone through abstinence-only sex education!

Here in Secular Sexuality we will discuss:

-sexual health in light of peer-reviewed science
-safe for work guides on safe(r) sex (or links)
-questions that would shock the religious

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Comment by Habman on June 30, 2009 at 11:32am
Regulation is what lead to the Wall Street melt down as people believed that someone else was looking out for their best interests. The only best interests that were being looked after were those of the traders and bankers, they got they money and we all paid for it.

The banking and securities industries are two of the most regulated industries in this country. The problem with regulation is that it define what is "legal" and what is "illegal" however there is a huge area of gray that isn't mentioned. This is where they all made their killings and when it all came crashing down they went to their friends in the government who protected their assets using our assets.

Secondly the regulators are from and beholden to the industry they are regulating.

Look at those put in charge of cleaning up the mess. They are the very same people that created it or allowed it to happen in the first place. Kind of the fox watching the hen house kind if arrangement isn't it?

What you are promoting is government as master, and if you believe that is the way it should be, then you have no right to bitch when government decides to dictate who you may or may not sleep with since they are only acting to protect you or society from you, right?

Until people decide to think and act for themselves and reject this illusion of protection provided by government these type of things will happen again and again.

Look out for yourself, if you don't understand something you do the research in to it. Then you get screwed over you have only yourself to blame, instead of abdicating that responsibility to others.

Regulation has never prevented anyone that wants to from ripping anyone off, they just find the loop holes in the regulations.
Comment by A Former Member on June 30, 2009 at 11:07am
@ Habman: I can't say that I agree with you 100%. I think legalized sex work is a great idea, but like all things, it needs some regulation and oversight. Lack of regulation is what lead to the wall street meltdown, IMO. Any "anything goes and every man for himself" industry is not helpful to anyone. Sure, regulation can go too far, so it depends on how it is done. The gov regulates auto mechanics and hair dressers, and for good reason. We need to be sure that the mechanics are qualified, following rules, doing honest and capable work, etc., in order to protect our investments in our autos, and our lives and the lives of others. It is an issue of quality and safety. Hair dressers also have a huge potential for spreading germs or lice and the like if not following health code regulations. Those rules are in place for good reason, and they need to be inspected and have some oversight.

We should apply these same standards to legal sex work as well. Workers should complete courses in safe sex, be required to receive regular disease testing, and understand what is or is not safe forms of play, such as asphyxiation. They should be able to have some recourse to go to after clients who go to far, such as beating or hurting them against their will, which they don't have now. If a pros gets beaten now, he or she has now recourse for protection. How can regulating that be a bad thing? Seems to me it would benefit both the worker and the client by keeping them safe. Sure, it won't be 100% effective, but I would prefer that system to our current illegal, no-holes-barred, drugs and disease system we have now.

@ Jennifer: You are correct, ancient homosexuality was not unique to the Greeks and Romans. Japan had not abmonitions against homosexuality until the Portuguese missionaries arrived. And in Mesoamerica, missionaries destroyed much of the homoerotic artwork of the people there (except for the pieces they kept hidden for themselves).
Comment by Habman on June 30, 2009 at 10:02am
Thank You Jennifer.

I really want to know when will those who want the government out of their bedrooms will join with those who want government out of their wallets or gun cabinets or doctors office and reject the use of force against others right to exist as they wish to?

Any interference in the life choices of others is something I find repugnant, but too often the person that wants to be free from governmental meddling on some aspect of their life is totally in favor of the government controlling someone else who they do not agree with.
Comment by Jennifer on June 30, 2009 at 9:55am
Very good point Habman.
Comment by Habman on June 30, 2009 at 9:50am
I am in total favor of an UN-regulated and socially acceptable sex worker element.

Regulation only allows those in power to act as pimp and oppress the worker.

You need to ask one question. Who will the regulator be?

Regulation is just another form of control and it seems too many who have cast off the oppression of religion substitute the oppression of the government as its replacement.
Comment by Jennifer on June 30, 2009 at 9:40am
It seems everyone turns to the romans/greeks when talking about homosexuality. We need to remember this was a major part of society everywhere before the advent of homophobia, which seems to be purely an invention of modern society. I was ready a little about sexuality (fun topic) and ran across this wiki page. If anyone is interested >>
Comment by Jennifer on June 30, 2009 at 9:34am
Charles, having legalized prostitution is great! People in my opinion should be allowed to have sex with whomever they choose, even if they want something in exchange for it. I believe that Amsterdam (where prostitution is legal) the rates of sexually transmitted diseases in that industry are lower then that in the American porn industry. Its sad when people really think sex, something we all (hopefully ;) engage in from time to time, will cause some sort of moral decay. Its ridiculous. First its legal sex...and you know that will just lead to things like that evil rock n' roll music. lol
Comment by Charles Hollingshead on June 30, 2009 at 7:54am
What about a society with a well regulated and socially acceptable sex-worker element?
Comment by Habman on June 30, 2009 at 7:26am
All the talk about the Romans and Greeks is all well and fine, but one needs to remember that those young boys and inhabitants of the brothels were for the most part, slaves.

Enslavement is not a gray area, it is totally evil, so to use examples of slavery is probably not the best method of furthering your argument.
Comment by Joshua on June 29, 2009 at 3:42pm
I think I am a prude when it comes to sex, but then again physical closeness has always been difficult for me. I personally feel; however, that we all would be much better off if sex were a much more elective and communal past-time. I think that it is a kind of drug, but a generally harmless but enjoyable one, and that it seems to draw out many of the other happy-good chemicals that the brain has in store strengthening bonding, empathy, and cooperation. I also see that it can cause strife, but then again, so does loneliness, and i think that an open society would be less likely to present the same climate as our modern one which forces two people to put so much pressure on one another to "remain faithful" and to "stick around." In an ideal world, come and go as you please, I'll see you again eventually... no jealousy, no envy, no fear, no sadness, no anxiety. I think it would be utopean.

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