Is the Future Bisexual?

Last week, I heard a girl on the radio, who was talking about how she would have no problem doing a threesome with another girl, if her boyfriend desired it. The girl’s carefree attitude, revealing to hundreds of thousands of strangers that she was open to a bisexual experience reminded me of a certain 2005 study from the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics I had recently come across, which showed an increased percentage of girls who had had a homosexual experience compared to a similar study from 10 years earlier.

The implication would be that bisexuality might be losing the stigma that still pervades homosexuality and especially male homosexuality. If we look at popular media, there are clearly many more bisexual characters being portrayed in mainstream media today than a few decades ago. Groundbreaking films in that sense have included Basic Instinct, with its portrayal of a powerful bisexual female played by Sharon Stone, and Henry & June, which presented the complex relationships between writer Henry Miller, his wife and that icon of female sexual liberation — French writer Anais Nin. Popular TV series of the 21st century have also started commonly incorporating bisexual characters; with House as a prime example.

Considering that homosexuality was only removed from the American Psychiatric Association’s list of mental disorders in 1973, it is no wonder that the stigma of homosexuality, which naturally permeates bisexuality, is still deeply ingrained in Western culture.

The fact that legislation has started accepting homosexual relationships, enabling gay marriage and adoption by gay couples, also has an impact on our perceptions of bisexuality. In fact, if our perceptions hadn’t been slowly changing, those laws would never have been passed. Today, there is gay marriage in Argentina and the UK, in Sweden and parts of the US, and we are looking at a world that is ready to accept the possibility of healthy, functional families comprising two same sex partners.

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How many guys are going bisexual, though?  I've definitely noticed the more open sexuality of women, in my relationships.


My results probably aren't typical, but I've dated way more bisexual girls than straight ones, without trying for it at all.

How many guys are going bisexual, though?


A lot of men are more bisexual than they let on. A fair number of men have opened up to me online about it. Of course, I see no problem with it, but they have a hard time expressing it.

Yeah, I have no problems with it.  Two of my friends are bi; one even made a pass at me and it doesn't really bug me.  I just haven't seen it in any kind of numbers, like I have with women.

Yes, that is kind of her point. There is certainly less stigma associated with female homosexuality, simply because a lot of straight men find it "hot."


I think what scares a lot straight or cautiously bisexual men about gay sex is the idea of being penetrated by another man. That seems to be an act of submission in the minds of a lot of men, and that bothers them.


On the other hand, the straight or bi-curious men that I have been to bed with seem to be immensely interested in preforming fallatio (but not much more beyond that).

If they're interested in preforming fellatio, then how are they straight?  O.o  I think we can use the word bi-curious for all of them.


Personally, I think I'm more of a man-hating dyke who got the wrong assortment of sex chromosomes.  I'm a mild dom, though; so it all works out the same, and I don't need a strap-on.

Well, I mean they identify as straight. But labels can be tricky. I am intellectually curious about having sex with a woman, but not particularly sexually or emotionally curious. If I were to have sex with a woman, I don't think that would make me bi-curious or bisexual.


Real sexuality seems to be something very fundamental to the core of one's being. I think a man who is willing to have sex with a man, but feels incapable of falling in love with a man, is likely just a straight man who has an adventurous sex life. Does that make sense?


Straight women who occassionaly do some muff diving but stay in a relationship with men, are likely just as straight.

Hmmmmm, I dunno about your definitions.  The whole homo/hetero thing has to do with sexual attraction, not emotional bonding necessarily.  I think we need another category to indicate the latter.


I think you're missing a distinction, in your last paragraph.  A woman who is open to going down on another woman because her boyfriend/husband thinks it's hot is probably still straight.  If a woman seeks out other women on her own, because she's sexually attracted to other women too, I'd say she's bi.


So, I'm not even intellectually curious about having sex with another guy, nor sexually nor emotionally curious.  I'm not even into heterosexual pornography.  What does that make me, through straight and out the other side?

The whole homo/hetero thing has to do with sexual attraction, not emotional bonding necessarily. 


For me, that is very much a part of it. Even though I go without sex, I am still interested in sex with men, as well as an emotional bonding with men.


I'm not even into heterosexual pornography.  What does that make me...?


Wierd! : )


  • For me, that is very much a part of it. Even though I go without sex, I am still interested in sex with men, as well as an emotional bonding with men.

Yeah, but you're lined up in the same direction, with both aspects.  You need to look at those for whom it's not the case, to form a good definition.

  • Wierd! : )

I already knew that.  You're not helping here.

What about the opposite, can't let go of hetero sex, but cant deal with hetero relationships? LOL


There is such a spectrum of options. As the 1983 Miquel Brown song goes: So many men, so little time, how can I chose?

There is such a spectrum. Human sexuality is such a fluid thing in the species as a whole, though not so in every individual.

Ah, so I see you've discovered that men are assholes?


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