Has anyone ever attended an orgy or sex party?

A comment from AN member Nate, joking about an orgy, got me to wondering if anyone here has ever had that experience.

I've never been to an orgy, but I did go to an S&M party once (M/F & Gay/Straight included) where everyone just tied each other up and whipped and spanked one another, and similar activities. Went home alone though.

I also had a 3-way once.

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We should be careful not to just dismiss someone as prudish or sexually repressed just b/c they've examined the random-sex culture and didn't like what they saw.

I can accept that.

I have known some others who are in a swinging group of friends, who go on picnics and outings, all know each other pretty well...and also have orgies.

That sounds like a better way to do it.
For a while my wife and I were swingers. we have gone to everything from the more intimate (another couples house) to full on sex oriented parties. I really enjoyed myself for the most part. The largest group scenario i was involved in was...8-10 people on 3-5 mattresses.

Our experience positive for the vast majority, especially for the large group activities. Everyone was nice, very friendly, and it felt like a safe space to really enjoy the nature of it. Although despite how open the sexuality is within these groups there is an explicit non-acceptance of male to male sex of any kind. I could never really figure that one out...

Currently we are polyamous and are in a V (I am with my wife who has boyfriend). We do have three-somes on occasion.
Do men wear and change condoms before they switch to another woman? If I were a woman I think I'd want that. How safe are they when it comes to safe sex?

Although despite how open the sexuality is within these groups there is an explicit non-acceptance of male to male sex of any kind.

I've heard that before from another guy who attended these things. But not so for female/female?

Currently we are polyamous and are in a V (I am with my wife who has boyfriend). We do have three-somes on occasion.

That's cool.
I think most are strict about condoms but don't use protection for oral sex. That seems to be the mainstream idea of safe sex.
I've participated in all girl threeways and twogirlsoneguy threeways. I would love to go join an orgy but it'd have to be with a good group of people I trust and most of the people I trust are very stuck on the monogamy idea. Alas.
Yes, I'd have to agree with you on the trust issue. I think I'd rather have any orgy with people I trust, and that I know are safe and sane, than people I don't.
you can come to my orgy anytime.bring your t-shirt
I actually have a t-shirt from Swingersboard.com that says "Come swing with us" with the logo. Got it for my birthday a couple of years after the site started up.
Wow, what a strange experience. Never known anyone who has attended such a thing.
Statistical probability might be more in my favour these days, Dallas. I'll keep you posted.
I've been involved in a 4some (3 girls, 1 guy) totally boring, but I'd definitely be up for an orgy or sex/swingers party, should the opportunity arise!
I was in a 4some once. It was a bit awkward as 1) it was people I had just met but who were moving out of town and didnt' have time to get to know me 2) everyone was touching me, but because the girl was lesbian except for her boyfriend, and the men were straight, only I was touching my husband. It was OK. They turned out to be nice people, but the whole idea of meeting someone, going for dinner, hanging out, with the idea that you were going to have sex pretty much inevitably was pretty awkward. It feels so contrived. I'm not traumatized but it just didn't feel right.

Sometimes it is fun with the idea of friends who all like each other somewhat and would feel comfortable fooling around if tipsy. I had a night like that where we played one of those silly dice games and fooled around.

I've had a lot of threesomes. Mostly female/female/male although a few with two males. Still would like two women at once! The most fun ones were unexpected, with either people who have been attracted to each other for a long time or friends who have some attraction, and things start going that way.

My main question for people who go to orgies: What do you do if you're not attracted to everyone there? Because the more people are in it, the more likely not everyone will be attracted to everyone. You can either "take one for the team" and have sex with someone you don't like, which seems really creepy, or tell someone you're not interested, which is a pretty explicit rejection.

Orgies...not for me. I don't need to be soulmates with a sexual partner but I like to have some kind of friendship or relationship with them. Otherwise it seems kind of boring, actually, and alienating.


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