Has anyone ever attended an orgy or sex party?

A comment from AN member Nate, joking about an orgy, got me to wondering if anyone here has ever had that experience.

I've never been to an orgy, but I did go to an S&M party once (M/F & Gay/Straight included) where everyone just tied each other up and whipped and spanked one another, and similar activities. Went home alone though.

I also had a 3-way once.

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...because it was more or less 2 couples having sex side by side.

Yeah, that sounds like a pretty unorgiastic event.

...one of the definitions for orgy on Miriam Webster's site says "drunken revelry"....

The Bacchanalia usually involved a drunken revelry, orgiastic sex, and sometimes death and dismemberment.

If there's no snowballing, it's no orgy.
I am so naive. What is snowballing?
I am so naive. What is snowballing?

You'll find out when you attend your first orgy.
So I'll never find out! I can't get it one on one. What makes you think I'm gonna strike oil and get a bunch at once?
Thanks for that, I think. Gee, I guess I'll have to pass on that experience. I can do without it.
Never been involved in any multi-partner sexual activity. I'm not opposed to it on principle - the issue has never come up - but I suspect that's a nogo with my partner. I wonder if being in a committed relationship would make it more or less awkward.
I think that would just depend on the couple, what they were interested in, and how prudish or open they were. I think it would only get weird if it became emotional for one or the other partner with a 3rd person.
I can understand how that would be awkward. But then again, none of us really have role models for sexual expression. The West is just too prudish to teach their kids how to do it right, and to be open to the ideas of sexual experimentation. We are all just basically making this up as we go along, so we're bound to get some things wrong.
What Eastern countries do you think are sexually liberated?
Unfortunately many men have a "Tag it, and bag it" mentality when it comes to sex outside of a relationship. That is why most women will not sleep with their guy friends. Apparently we cant have it just once. It sucks to say it but it almost has to be like a business deal! Very clear lines must be drawn or it can become really ugly, especially if it is someone you are around all the time. I have found that Threesomes usually work out best if the third person is a stranger who neither of you will ever see again. This also adds an element of excitement to the experience.
I think it would only get weird if it became emotional for one or the other partner with a 3rd person.

Not if they've already discussed the possibility, and are open to it.


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