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Beautiful Cervix Project

Sequential daily photos of the cervix of a healthy 25 year old woman. This sample is day 5.

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How do you do interviews for something like this?

Have your endoscope handy.

Yeah, my first thought involved something like targeting people with a medical fetish ... or with a major exhibitionist streak ... or I don't even know.  My string of buts gets so weird, so quickly, when I think about how you would go about setting up this sort of study/exhibit.

Annie Sprinkle did a lot of this in the 90s. There were movies made...

Annie Sprinkle is cool. So is Nina Hartley. :-)

Women's physiology is NEAT, inside and out!  Have always thought so!

Most beautiful cervix I've ever seen.  Course, it's also the only cervix I've ever seen.  Where are the prostate photos?


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