This is nauseating beyond words. The discussion at YouTube seems to think this is a Nike, not the Nike. Meh, not if you look at who's in charge -

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That is shameless propaganda, considering how Nike does do business. Companies like Nike often go into these poor nations and take away the people's power to earn a living on the land, via farming, gathering, or hunting, and lead them into lives of servitude that will never earn them a decent living, or increase the nation's GDP in any significant way that benefits the population.
I have nothing good to say about Nike. They don't talk about how they create the problems.
They are a textbook example of 'amorality', as distinct from 'morality' / 'immorality'.
Sick. Just like those religious people who hawk their "charitable" groups, never mentioning that their "charity" comes with a heaping dose of proselytizing and requirements that beneficiaries listen to sermons and even convert in order to get anything. Vultures pretending to be caregivers.
I have absolutely no idea what this is supposed to mean... Have a look at the video response to the Nike piece linked on

What the fuck does menstruation have to do with sweatshop sneakers ?


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