[Posted in the forum and here as well, if you want to follow commentary. You may question if this qualifies as propaganda and not just insanity. It does. Manipulation of beliefs to incite action is it's very raison d'etre]


To the best of my knowledge, Helen Ukpabio and Nigeria's Liberty Gospel Church haven't been posted about here before (hint: it's considerate to do a search for existing discussions before generating a whole new one. Both 'Hitler' and 'abortion' have shelf lives). Child witches in Africa have been discussed, but Liberty Gospel takes the horror and idiocy to a whole new level. I am pretty speechless. Understatement makes it far more disturbing than a targetted diatribe anyway - you can't really add anything to their own words.

From the website - http://helen-ukpabio.com/

Our Vision is to help liberate mankind from every yoke and bondage of the enemy through teaching of God’s word in a clear and direct way and exposing the works of the devil and his deceptions in these last days.. Through the dynamic leadership of Evangelist (Mrs.) Helen Ukpabio, Liberty Gospel Church is growing by the day with branches all over Nigeria, Cameroun, Ghana and South Africa. Liberty Gospel Church was founded since 1992. We invite you to check out our locations and feel free to worship with us and experience God’s grace.

Liberty Films has become an household name within Nigeria and globally attracting different awards in the Film industry internationally. Liberty films deliver the truth of the Gospel in a fresh and exciting way and has led to the deliverance and salvation of many. Our books and publications also enhance this message of deliverance and hope to all those in the clutches of Satan.

Yes, they're in the film industry.

End of the Wicked

I wish this was carefully crafted exploitation cinema. It's not. It's deadly serious. It really is the pinnacle of religion as child abuse.

There is a blog devoted to monitoring these maniacs -


The Nigerian children's general charity is here -


The full Channel 4 documentary, Dispatches - Saving Africa's Witch Children, can be viewed here. The embed is below -

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Saw this on Australia's 4 Corners program. The dumb fundies over the road believe in witches. They believe that Harry Potter is harmful to children because it will let satan make them into witches. They look normal but are, in fact, quite mad.


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