Cyber Spying a Threat, and Everyone Is In on It

Ghost hackers infiltrating the computers of Tibetan exiles and the U.S. electric grid have pulled the curtain back on 21st-century espionage as nefarious as anything from the Cold War -- and far more difficult to stop.

Nowadays, a hacker with a high-speed Internet connection, knowledge of computer security and some luck can pilfer information thought to be safely ensconced in a digital locker. And the threat is growing, with countries -- including the U.S. -- pointing fingers at each other even as they ramp up their own cyber espionage.

The Pentagon this week said it spent more than $100 million in the last six months responding to damage from cyber attacks and other computer network problems. And the White House is wrapping up a 60-day review of how the government can better use technology to protect everything from the nation's electrical grid and stock markets to tax data, airline flight systems and nuclear launch codes.

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This is funny, but its nothing new - it's what happens when journalists are given a little bit of information about something they know nothing about and begin one upping each other. China is at it relentlessly. So is the US. So is any country capable of flushing money down the defense expenditure toilet. Its news because it hurt the poor old Dalai Lama.

The absence of noise on some of the more paranoid tech sites confirms what this is - a planted bit of disinfo to stir up panic. Stay tuned for demands to increase the cyber terrorism budget.
So you are saying that this is not as big of a problem as they are suggesting? How can anyone know one way or the other?
So you are saying that this is not as big of a problem as they are suggesting?

No, not at all. What I am saying is the cyber-panty-sniffing problem is constant - there was no difference in the status quo before and after the newspapers got ahold of it. Its like the "shock! horror!" stories about battery chickens or some random attrocities in Africa, nothing changes, they're just set to a 6-12 month regurgitation cycle in the media, and then everyone forgets about it all over again. See my response to Rick on the comment wall.

The Dalai Lama is a soft target anyway. I'd be more impressed if they brought the NSA down.
I see it as a huge problem with unlimited potential to take advantage of individuals and governments both on a finacial level and a security one. International hackers do not need passports or visas and basically suffer no penalty for their crimes do to being from a differnt country. If we are lucky enough to trace them we often have no juristiction. This effects all countries and I hope we work towards a solution but as usual we will be at least one step behind them.

Yeah and especially with Facebook - your life is on the Internet. So I'm glad I don't have Facebook and you have to be very careful what you put on the Internet.


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