I know, some people urge me to "get a life," "my anger does more harm to atheism than good," "why am I so angry?" "present the evidence". I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard these and other such responses. But stop and think about it a minute, what do the 1% want from the 99%?



follow direction? 

do as your told? 

yield to authority? 



herd mentality? 



division (as in hierarchy)?



follow direction? 

teach obedience?

discourage critical thinking?

forgive them for they know not what they do?

Do you see a pattern here? Do these words ring with familiarity? Do you see research funded that shows not only correlation but cause? Who benefits by these behaviors? Who  pays? Do these behaviors enhance flourishing? 

These ingredients maintain and perpetuate the passive lifestyle. Does this sound familiar?  


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On “get a life.” Most people devote their attention to their personal life, family, friends, making a living, and hobbies/entertainment. Being educated means, in part, relating to a larger world. People turn their attention away from large events because they’re complicated, confusing, and we often feel helpless. But doing so results in a boring life, a life that feels empty and devoid of  meaning. Filling that void the easy way involves beer, partying, sports, tabloids, supernatural woo woo, and religion.

It’s not easy to engage in the scary wider reality, but it’s mature. Whether or not humanity survives this planet wide crisis will depend in part on how many of us are capable of lifting our eyes up, gazing on truth, and putting our anger to constructive purpose. You, my friend, have a life, and a measure of wisdom which eludes those who prefer to live small. Don’t be disparaged by those who don’t want to know.

Ruth, You words always convey care, concern, vision, optimism and inspiration for me. I treasure your comment. 


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