Chad Mitchell was a year behind me at Lewis and Clark Highschool in Spokane. At our annual Latin Club dinner, we dressed in togas (sheets), ate ancient Roman foods (egg plant, cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, green beans, artichokes, zucchini cucumbers, citrus, olives, apples, pears, figs, grapes, quinces, pomegranates, and fish). We sang songs in Latin. Sorry I can't find the photos of Chad, our Latin Club and me in 1954.

Chad was politically active and inspired great conversations.  We were fighting to keep our young men and women  from the Korean War, and later I was Viet Nam war resistor, even though my then husband was in the Army and served a year as a battle field head and neck surgeon on the front lines, much as MASH of TV fame.  

The resistance movement lived on in me as I marched, sat in, boycotted and spoke out against the Viet Nam war, fought segregation, worked for Equal Rights for Women. I was in Valley Green Housing Project the night the rights started in April of 1968. A group of black men took me from my classroom, escorted me to my car, placed a car in front, back and on both sides and drove with me to the bridge crossing the Anacostia River. As I drove home through the monuments of Washington, D.C. I looked over my shoulder and saw the flames and smoke of Anacostia.  

Riots of 1968, Washington DC

Although the struggles, then, differ from those we face today, we continue to face challenges that need to be addressed. Never forget, one voice, added to others, can make a huge difference. It seemed we would never solve the problems of racism, sexism, classism. Well, we haven't! They are still with us, and the struggles must go on.

Joining our little groups of resisters, the broken middle class of USA, and now the broken working classes of the world face huge challenges brought on by the broken dreams of capitalism and religion. Ideas that create "us vs them" cannot endure. Race, gender, class and religious wars serve no useful purpose. It is up to our generation to confront these evils and imagine a better world for all living things. 

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