Here is the good news, we quickly move from Autumn Equinox to Winter Solstice, with leaves and needles turning color and the sounds of autumn chores preparing our gardens for wet weather followed by cold blasts of wind and snow. Kids play in fallen leaves and gather bright ones for decorating. The harvest season always includes huge feasts of fresh foods and celebration.

Pend Oreille River Autumn Equinox 

Winter Solstice brings feelings of closeness of family and friends with a feast to honor the shortest day of the year. For me, it includes the five generations gathered around the biggest family table and thinking of loved ones in far distant place; making decorations with sprays of coniferous branches and cones from the forest. A tree decorated with gifts from nature, with old birds nests fallen from trees, odd shaped pieces of wood, cones from many trees and different colored wild berries gathered from the forest. The sounds of kids making snow structures, including our yearly igloo that glows in the dark; sharing with family and friends on the shortest day of the year. 

New Years day we call out to the sun to start its trip across the sky bringing more light.

O! It is a grand time full of love and sharing and care for those in need. The animals of the garden and forest creep into our vision, just long enough to thank them for a fine year and grateful, as they must be, for no forest fires.

This season of the year also evokes thoughts of ancient peoples' celebrating the shortest day of the year with a sense of wonder. 

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That's a beautiful celebration!  So happy for you Joan!

Thank you Daniel. May your season be full to overflowing with a healthy body, mind and emotions, meaningful work, loving family and friends, and thoughts and joyful memories as you enjoy each moment of each day.

Thanks Joan.

Today I think I'll make a pie.  EIther from apples I collected from an abandoned tree - maybe grown from a long discarded apple core? - or bought at the roadside stand.  And a foccacia.  Feels like the season for those.  Then tonight I'm thinking about conchiglioni.  Winter is good for cassaroles

I should bring some garlic and Thai peppers for my coworker.  She's Thai/Laotian, and her husband is Cambodian.  I live a little through her family stories.  She follows Buddhist tradition.  If Christians/Muslims/Jews were as gentle and welcoming as that, the world might be a better place.

Daniel, your apple pie sounds yummy. Let me guess conchiglioni = con + chiglioni. I give up. Con means "with" and chiglioni is a long list of people from Italy named chiglioni. So, looked up conchiglioni.
Oh my gosh! does it ever look good. What do you put in the shells and what kind of sauce do you use?

Your Thai/Laotian friend and her Cambodian husband will surely appreciate your home grown garlic and peppers. Would like to be a fly on the wall when you give them to her.


Close!  Great job with language dissection!  But conch for the pasta being shaped like the large snail-like mollusc.  For some reason I like this shape pasta. 

This is very close to what I use, except I use low fat cottage cheese instead of ricotta, and basil instead of parsley.  And then I put in a little cayenne pepper to give it a little extra something.

This is also close - not surprising since the original recipe came off a Ronzoni box.

I use a bottled tomato sauce.  Usually something simple, like Tomato and Basil or Roasted Red Pepper.   There are some good brands at the store.  Often I use Classico.  Some day I will learn to make my own.

My coworker loves garlic but all of hers comes from the Asian market.  I'll be interested to see if she can tell a difference.  Last time I brought home grown eggs and she was surprised at the difference in flavor, consistency, and color.

First of all, what position are gays now taking about  that gay rights supporters were boycotting Barilla

Conch shell looks nice! Lovely shape to imitate. So, "with + Conch shell" (perhaps an Italian family recipe by the name of Chiglioni). My goodness, all the interesting trails one travels when on a computer with Google. The recipe is a keeper. 

Conchiglioni, pronounced con – kill -YAWN – eee, 

The cheese mixture looks like my lasagna cheese ingredients. I'll bet adding thawed frozen spinach to the cheese mix would add a nice option. Those flavors blend so well. 

I like the tomato sauces you mentioned. I make my own as well, using Mediteranian herbs from my garden. 

I suspect your coworker's Asian market has access to fresh garlic from local gardens. I wonder if it is a hot variety. Some of mine are as mild as apples, other clear out one's sinuses. 

Bon Appetit! 

I don't know what most LGBTI people are thinking regarding barilla.  I suspect most are apathetic.  That is based on past experience, not current knowledge.


My home grown garlic is mainly Inchellium Red that I have maintained for about 12 years.  So they are well adapted to the area.  the crop this year was especially large and good.   I think it's really tasty.  I also have garlic plants rescued from pervious years' efforts.  Could be descended from grocery store garlic, or German white or other.  I hated to throw them away so transplanted. They did really well too.  They are hotter. 


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