This one was mentioned in chat by Gwaithmir - and it's in the really out there category which I at first called Poe on. But now I'm not so sure. Let the videos and website speak for themselves and you folks can judge.


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This one may be too close to judge. Sometimes I just ignore intent and if I think it's funny then it can be enjoyed that way. The site only has 4 uploads and the information is all "Jesus is Lord". The comments are no help either.
Overall there is a lack of quality so it is really not my interest.
WOW! ..... I'm going to call non-POE on this. Especially with the website (which looks like it was designed by a cousin of whoever did the famous End of Times site, only it's more readable.) The videos are so atrocious that anybody attempting a POE wouldn't be able to toss so completely out the window so much basic stuff of video and communication. I don't think it would possible to produce so mono-maniacal ranting unless one was contending for Oscar or a Golden Globe.

Oh, well ... I've been wrong before. I'm looking forward to other reactions.
I'm with you. And it's too over the top to be Poe. I think this is someone who keeps forgetting his/her medication. As nice as it is to think theists are that dumb, I think this person is being screamed at by voices no one else can hear.
Talia: It's possible the youtuber has just linked to it.

This is actually the most likely. There is no mention of YouTube, xXJesusIsLordXx or any links even slightly related on the wep page. In fact the only connection is the animated .gif used in one of the videos -

I go with real also. Seems like too much work for POE.
After re-watching the vids and scanning the web page and it's links, I'm casting my final vote as -

* The vids are Poe

* The website author is oblivious to the vids and for whatever reason was targeted by xXJesusIsLordXx, and tho' innocent of the vids, is guilty of being a genuine, non-Poe imbecile.


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