My daughter is 15 1/2 months old. We are trying to break her of the bottle. Any ideas/suggestions? We have another one due in May so we are trying to break her of it by then.

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I got really mad at my fiance's grandmother because when he told her my daughter hadn't had a bottle in four days (this was a few days ago), she said "Praise the Lord!"

Out of respect for my fiancee I didn't say anything. But I wanted to shout at her, "The Lord had nothing to do with it! Cheryl and I are the ones that worked hard to get her bottle broke, not god!" as I mentioned above, I didn't say anything. :-(
And me again. :) Why break her of it? What exactly makes it so terrible that she is still using it?
To speak of my own experience again... my daughter was 2 years and 3 months old, when my son was born. She still used a bottle at night for her milk. She'd lie on the living room floor to drink her milk, then brushed her teeth and went to bed.
When my son was born, the bottle really turned into a bit of a comfort thing with her. She liked being a baby for a little while longer. When he was about a year old, both kids gave up their bottles. Sure, my daughter was three at that point. But really... nobody asks my now 8 year old, when she stopped using a bottle (or when exactly she was potty trained for that matter).

Take care... and more importantly, take it easy. Our little ones have an entire life to be grown ups. Give them time to be babies.
Uhm... and now I see, that this is actually a bit older already, and my answer is no longer relevant. Oh well... :)
It was still interesting ;)


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