I just sent a reply to another post, in which I used a comment my almost 8 year old daughter made not long ago. She is a declared atheist, a decision she's made based on the discussions her Dad and I have on a regular basis. I love how her mind works, and I love her incredible intelligence and her desire to learn the truth.

When I look around me though, most parents will tell me that their kids really don't have much to say about the subject at all. In most families, religion has never even come up. (Needless to say almost all my friends are atheists/agnostics). What about you guys? Do you have little atheists in your families? Or do your kids have an opinion at all?

When asked by our neighbor's son the other day, whether she believed in God, she proudly said no to him. He said, this was weird, and she simply smiled and said, "Well, if you think so... " Then they went on to play.

Looking forward to hearing your stories.

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I've been fascinated by the difference between my two daughters' susceptibility to magical thinking. My wife & I are atheists so we've never told our kids that there's any truth to religion, but my wife wanted to have our kids believe in Santa and I went along with it. Our older kid never bought the Santa story, and in Kindergarten she announced to her class that if you have a grandma then she's your Santa (wow, my wife and I got into trouble for that!). The younger kid, who's now almost 9, STILL asks about Santa despite the fact that we told her a while ago that Santa isn't real. She still expects visits from the Tooth Fairy and she looks forward to Easter egg hunts arranged by The Easter Bunny. Last year I sat down with her and told her "look, we're not Christians, we don't celebrate Easter, there's no Easter Bunny and there won't be an Easter Egg hunt Easter morning" (I wanted to sleep in on Easter). Nevertheless, when I woke up Easter morning I found her outside in the cold carrying an Easter basket and looking around our property for Easter Eggs (yes, I felt REALLY awful about that).

I think some people's brains are simply hard-wired to need a belief in some kind of magic.
We are atheists. We don't believe in the Easter Bunny and neither does our 14 year old. We don't believe in Santa, either. But every year we have make-believe ceremonies to cater for our childlike sense of wonder and fantasy. We have easter egg hunts and we have Xmas presents from a Santa, Mary Christmas, the Xmas Spirit and so on. It's fun. Atheism does not have to be boring.


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