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New Ways To Determine Which Of The Comatose Might Really Be Aware

Not all people who appear to be comatose are in fact completely unconscious. For example, when told to imagine playing tennis the area of t…

Started by John Jubinsky

3 Oct 20
Reply by John Jubinsky

Are theists right in saying that 'infinity is god' ? I think infinity means 'no end' hence 'no god' ( as god=end for theists)

Infinity is infinity, its nothing what a human mind can measure. God is a human concept, originated due to fear, as one who looks after. Hu…

Started by JanBodh

60 Oct 11
Reply by Madhukar Kulkarni

Indonesian Cave Art Hints at Universality of Ancient Artistic Expression Fascinating findings of Indonesian cave art, supports that development of Art was far from a Eurocentric phenomenon.   Nice vid…

Started by Daniel W

1 Oct 11
Reply by Joan Denoo

Dunbar's number

Dunbar's number is a suggested cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships. These are re…

Started by Rick Springfield

0 Oct 5

Leader of the Church of England doubts the existence of god

Recently when interviewed at Bristol Cathedral, Archbishop Justin Welby said he had questioned why God had failed to intervene to prevent i…

Started by Dr. Terence Meaden

37 Oct 4
Reply by Christopher Lowe

A complex organic molecule has been identified in the interstellar space of our galaxy

What could be the beginnings of life-bearing chemistry have been detected in the middle of the Milky Way galaxy. Iso-propyl cyanide was d…

Started by Dr. Terence Meaden

2 Sep 29
Reply by Mark Panko

Limb Regeneration Ability Fossilized, primitive amphibians with odd-looking appendages, some with extra toes and deformed shapes, suggest the…

Started by Patricia

1 Sep 28
Reply by The Flying Atheist

Scientific Adam and Eve

If you ask any religious person who come first Adam or Eve?, She/he answer blindly that Adam come first, but from scientific view this is i…

Started by Rick Springfield

26 Sep 25
Reply by James M. Martin

Experimental Ebola Serum May Be In Use On Americans

Ebola is a virus that in most cases very quickly brings the host to an extremely excruciating and horrific death. The incubation period can…

Started by John Jubinsky

35 Sep 25
Reply by Joan Denoo

Nazca Lines Found in Kazakhstan

Nazca lines (named after the Nazca Indians of Peru but also known as geoglyphs) are geographic images of animals or geometric figures that…

Started by John Jubinsky

4 Sep 25
Reply by Joan Denoo


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