What is all the "stuff" (stars, planets, galaxies etc) suspended in.  I definitely think space is a thing much like water or air, but what is it?  

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There still isn't a medium through which they're moving.  I mean, there's the occasional hydrogen atom for stuff to run into, but that isn't a medium, how you mean the word.

Sorry. To me the question sounds like something devised to trip up heathens.

Always possible.  I've caught out a few theists on the site, myself.  I just wait for a clearer pattern of behavior.

definitely not a theist.  I just like questions that I don't see talked about much.  Questions a child would ask are the best.  Thank you again and I hope to propose better topics of discussion in the future.  

Well, yeah, I didn't mean to say that I thought that was the case, in this particular instance, just that I've encountered it before.  The most I was thinking was that maybe you were messing with us, but I think it more likely that you're serious and just have a weak background in cosmology.  I'd do some reading up on Hawkings or Lawrence Kraus, if you're that interested in the subject.

Reminds me of my question to a vicar when I was 10 "who made god?" A clip round my ear convinced me that theism depends on people not askin or answering questions, so even when someone asks a question they deserve an answer and we should encourage this. Education is the basis of science and an enquiring mind, even a Troll may wake up and start questioning.

Everything is suspended in the Quantum Foam that floats atop of, and gathers as a result of eddies in the Higgs Field.

Quantum Foam is much the same color and texture of lobster bisque when modeled in sufficiently high detail. Probably smells the same, too.

Eddie's in the Higgs Field because he had too much Quantum Foam; the circularity of this cause and effect is the power that drives cosmic expansion.

One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you
Don't do anything at all
Go ask Alice
When she's ten feet tall

I remember that well, Joseph

Dark matter.

Search on <plasma universe>

You will learn of a scientific alternative to semi-religious Big Bang cosmology, whose supporters are desperate to keep their millions in taxpayer support.

Plasma -- ionized gas -- is well known to electrical engineers.

It's all about us: lightning, arc welders, neon lights, and the aurora.

I won't be surprised when the cosmic microwave background radiation -- which big bang cosmologists advertise as echoes of the big bang -- is shown to be radiation from the plasma all about us.

Who else in America gets, and wants to continue getting, taxpayer support?

Agribusiness. Oil companies. Public schools. Hospitals. Weapons manufacturers. And more.

Some of those entities legitimately get public support. The problem is, we also support such things as vouchers for private schools that teach religious dogma and are disinclined to teach evolution. As a non-believer with first hand knowledge of how harmful religious dogma is to a human being, I resent any of my tax dollars going to religious institutions of any sort or for any purpose. Men and women do not need God to do good.


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