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There are many members who use pseudonyms for participating in discussions as well as for registering. Why does any one want to hide one's true identity? Personally, I am given to strong expressions, yet I do not want to use a pseudonym. Should this practice be permitted and continued on A N?


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I signed up with my real name and I also wondered about the pseudonyms. Should I be using a pseudonym? Who can see this? Can my family see it? I did come out as an atheist to my family, changing my facebook status to "atheist" but my sister reports that it hurts my mom to see all the atheistic facebook activity, which only consists of "liking" certain posts. I can only imagine what she would think if she stumbled upon me describing my upbringing to strangers. I would like to be able to discuss that semi-privately (that is only with other atheists.) Who can see this stuff? Anyone? If someone googles my name, will they find all my recent posts at this site?

For many years, I have written fanfiction under a pseudonym, not because I am ashamed of my fanfiction, but some might not approve of the rating or they might read too much into the story. So there are good reasons to have a pseudonym.



Who can see this? Can my family see it?

Anyone who Google searches your name can potentially turn up this website.  You have to log in to really use this site, but anyone can pull up a page and read the stuff.  You're wide open here, in other words, if you're not using a pseudonym.

A google search of Ann Norman Athiest turns up your Athiest nexus profile as 3rd result....



There you go.

Just wondering who's the athiest Atheist????

Hmmm . . . on the other hand, the only way that will happen is if someone is investigating me. I have a job where it doesn't matter if I am an atheist.  Still . . . . I should go be "Ann N."

Yeah, I'm not ready to "come out" yet, either. My family is the biggest issue. If I ever tell them about my lack of beliefs, I won't have any issue with identifying myself as atheist on social media sites and online forums. But my family is big-time Catholic, so my news would likely devastate them.

My dad, who was Catholic but not ideologically so, sent all of his five kids to Catholic schools. He never spoke of how much it cost.

By the time he died, he knew we had all left the Church.


I am using one pseudonym on the internet, because this allows me the freedom to search a partner without self-censoring.   I prefer to keep my real life reputation as a very reticent person.   

I signed up with a pseudonym not because I'm embarrassed or afraid of being seen as an atheist but because I'm a private person and wish to disclose details about myself on a need-to-know basis.  I am "The Flying Atheist" because I am a flight attendant.  I have a full-face photo of myself in my profile along with other photos, so I'm really not fully incognito.  I've never really been attracted to or interested in being on social websites.  I've never had a page on Facebook or Myspace, etc.  I don't tweet or blog.  AtheistNexus is the exception for me.  I LOVE being on this site; such great people and discussions.  Additionally, when I continuously hear news stories about personal information and security concerns on social websites or on the internet in general, it seemed like a no-brainer for me to sign up with a pseudonym.  I'm receiving too much e-mail spam using my real, full name already.   



I, too, have strong opinions.  I want my opinions identified with who I am.  I may be correct or not in these strong ideas and I am open to questions, and challenges and disagreements.  I very often change my mind.  When I do so, I say so.  Please, extend to me the courtesy of knowing to whom I am responding and allow me to link your name with your writings.  

Should the practice of using pseudonyms be "permitted"?  Well, most of the time I delete comments from commenters with pseudonyms after looking at the content.  Sometimes I run across something worthy of time and effort to respond; otherwise, the Delete button is precious.  

Grown up people know what is best for them and I can understand not wanting people to know who they are.  A teacher, for example, may have something to say that could have negative impact on their livelihood. They have a right to express themselves with less risk.  I have the opportunity to read and respond to pseudonyms if I choose.  


I just read the other comments to this thread and i am even more invested in "Permitting" pseudonyms.  







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