Richard Dawkins demonstrates laryngeal nerve of the giraffe, which connects the brain with the larynx (voice box). The obvious path for the nerve to travel is straight from the brain into the neck and into the larynx. If you were designing the animal from scratch, that makes all the sense in the world. In mammals, however, the nerve goes from the brain down past the heart and then to the larynx..and this detour is particularly long in giraffes, making a round trip of up to 16 feet.

The reason why our ancestors had such wiring in the first place is simple: For fish it is the quickest route. However evolution couldn't start afresh with a new design when our fishy ancestors began to evolve a more mammalian-like morphology. It was forced to utilize the already present engineering and had to lengthen the wiring instead of backtracking and reversing the entire process.

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A perfect example of unintelligent design...

I would say;

It's not any sort of 'design' it's how life evolved in response to nature.

Now for the experts................................


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