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And guess who's right at the very heart of this one...


"The scandal is closely linked to the Catholic Church, which under Franco assumed a prominent role in Spain's social services including hospitals, schools and children's homes."


Full story here:

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Only one child would be too many, but I must ask about where the BBC takes the number from: there are 900 cases on different Spanish courts right now under investigation. There is a big jump to 300k. Just saying.


The bbc did not say 300k were actually stolen. If you read carefully:

Lawyers believe that up to 300,000 babies were taken.

which means they found 1 lawyer who thinks (not knows) that 300k is an accurate guess...



This is horrifying, If this doesn't categorize them as a criminal organization I don't know what does.

Thanks for this post. I'd never heard of this scandal in the mainstream media.


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