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ORIGINS GROUP: List of Contents, Videos and Discussion-Originators FEB 2009 BACK TO SEPT 2008

LIST OF CONTENTS, VIDEOS, AND NAMES OF DISCUSSION-ORIGINATORS February 2009 back to September 2008 (listed in approximate reverse monthly…

Started by Dr. Terence MeadenLatest Reply

Stanford University lectures on Darwin and his legacy.

Leading into the 2009 celebration of Darwin's birth and the separate anniversary of the publication of The Origin of Species, Stanford Univ…

Started by Richard HealyLatest Reply


ORIGIN OF ATHEIST PRIDE We have everything to be proud about when declaring our atheism. Above all, this is because we hold the intellect…

Started by Dr. Terence MeadenLatest Reply

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Researchers Say that Religious People Dislike Atheism (and Atheists) because They Associate Them with Death

Researchers from the University of Washington, Tacoma and the College of Staten Island have conducted a study that indicates American relig…

Started by John Jubinsky

125 5 hours ago
Reply by John Jubinsky

Big Toothed Hominin Lived at the Same Time and in the Same Area as Lucy

Scientists have established that a big toothed hominin lived at the same time and in the same area as the famous smaller toothed and petite…

Started by John Jubinsky

3 yesterday
Reply by Gerald Payne

The Goddess of the Stones: The Language of the Megaliths by George Terence Meaden

Terry, I just received your book, The Goddess of the Stones. It is an outstanding book, full of descriptions, history, photographs and I es…

Started by Joan Denoo

4 on Wednesday
Reply by Dr. Terence Meaden

Jokes to offend Christians (particularly at Christmas)

OK, To kick this off, here's a new one: Q: Why is it the mentally ill don't send Christmas cards? A: Because they're too busy on their kn…

Started by Marc Draco

33 on Sunday
Reply by Gerald Payne

Genetically Engineered Fungi are Part Human and Part Yeast

There are hundreds of yeast genes that can be successfully replaced by similar ones from humans. In order to better understand what gene mu…

Started by John Jubinsky

1 May 23
Reply by Donald L. Engel

Human Ancestors Made and Used Stone Tools 3.3 Million Years Ago

Tools consisting of hammer type stones, anvil type stones, worked cobblestones and other items have been discovered in Kenya and determined…

Started by John Jubinsky

10 May 21
Reply by Idaho Spud

Drug Rejuvenates Stem Cell Functioning in Old Mice

One of the reasons we age is because a substance called TGF-beta1 increases in our bodies and makes it more difficult for stem cells to pr…

Started by John Jubinsky

10 May 15
Reply by Gerald Payne

Pew Survey Says % of Americans Who are Christian is Declining Quickly

According to a recent and extensive Pew survey the percentage of Americans who consider themselves to be Christian has decreased significan…

Started by John Jubinsky

6 May 14
Reply by John Jubinsky

Coffee Significantly Reduces Risk of Death from Heart Disease, Stroke and Respiratory Disease

A new and large study (lasting more than a decade involving about 90,000 people from the ages of 40 to 69) has indicated that people who dr…

Started by John Jubinsky

2 May 12
Reply by Joseph P

NASA Validates Engine that Seems to Defy Newton's 3ird Law of Motion and Might be Used for Space Travel

NASA (and supposedly the Chinese) have confirmed that a thrust creating engine works that seems to defy Newton's 3ird law of motion (conser…

Started by John Jubinsky

25 May 12
Reply by John Jubinsky


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