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Oh my!!!!! That looks uncomfortable.

JFC, that must be painful! But it's oddly beautiful in a way, too.

I think that irony makes this specimen so compelling, fearful, painful and disgusting but you can still see beauty. Kind of like the Borg Queen in Star Trek.

Wow, that is something else and does NOT look comfortable! It makes me wonder if one of my Rottweilers had that. Egor's eye socket started to protrude and become misshapen. Eventually, the eye itself was out of place. Thankfully, the vet said he was in no pain, but it was painful for me to see him go through it. Before too long, I had to have him put to sleep :(

You're right, Dallas, it is oddly beautiful. For me, it goes back to "god created everything, give him praise!" I know I'm speaking to the choir, but why would anyone want to praise a god that created cancer, MS, MD, and a myriad of other health afflictions. As a former believer, we were only taught that god created everything, but never thought to question where the bad stuff came from :/

Your vet sounds crazy. How could that not be painful for your dog?


Yes, theists will jump through all kinds of hoops to justify their irrational myths.


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