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I've got this site up on my links section on my blog but I hadn't seen the deer in the trunk yet. Holy crap!
Too funny, isn't it?
The poor animal probably had a cardiac arrest due to misreading the I HATE QUEERS T-shirt. The US really should spend more on deer education.
someone sent me a bunch of these with captions, they make me laugh!
Well, I had to go look at this site, and there are some hilarious photos with captions to match.

This one must be shared:

The caption is: I don’t think your hamburger is the only thing you need help with.

I actually spent time looking at these photos. I am so very frightened.

I can't believe those black guys next to the swastika lady...
I thought the same thing.
They do look a little like they're going to gang up on her, though.
One more reason for me to stay out of Walmart: people might take my picture. Oh, and having to be around these people.
Doesn't it just destroy all your hope for humanity?


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