The interesting part of this "Most terrifying penises" video is in the middle to end.

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On the topic of male animal appendages, consider

Male Sex Ornaments Are Fishing Lures, Literally

Male representatives of the tropical fish known as swordtail characins have flag-like sex ornaments that catch mates just like the bait on a fishing rod would.

...characins that mainly eat ants also carry sex ornaments that look more like ants. Studies in the lab also show that females who have been fed on ants prefer to bite at the ornaments of males from populations that mainly eat ants.

The findings ... blur the distinction between food and mate preferences, the researchers say.

In this case, it seems, the best mate is also the one that looks most like dinner.

Sorry guys, but this brings to mind what it would look like if human males copied this strategy, attaching favorite foods or fake copies of them to their pants.

Fish can have genitalia heads too!

New Genitalia-Headed Fish Is Evolutionary Mystery

Both the male (top) and female of P. cuulong bear their genitalia behind their mouths.

...the Phallostethidae family is part of a larger group that includes many species that fertilize their eggs internally. (The vast majority of fish species fertilize their eggs outside the body.)

Phallostethus cuulong is only the 22nd known species of its family, Phallostethidae, all of which bear their copulatory organs just behind their mouths.

As with all Phallostethus—"penis chest" in Greek—species, the male uses its bony "priapium" to clasp a female while he inserts sperm into her urogenital opening, also located on the head, said Lynne Parenti, curator of fishes at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.

Parenti remembers seeing another species of priapiumfish mate at a lab in Singapore. Attached at the head and together forming a v, the fish "looked like a little pair of scissors, darting around the tank together," she said.

Magnificent mating.  Wonderful photography and entertaining narration. Thank you for posting this.


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