Eeugh! Why would anyone inject Krokodil, a drug which  consists of codeine mixed with gasoline, paint thinner, hydrochloric acid, iodine and red phosphorous? Note: the video is in Russian but the meaning is obvious.

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Wow.  That video really picked up the pace at 2:10.  Nice.


I had to find out more.,8599,2078355,00.html


I'm guessing that it takes a while to get that bad, and by that time you would be so addicted you wouldn't care.  Plus, skin lesions like that must really hurt, so it would be hard to let go of a morphine high.  Just a bad cycle.

Thanks for posting this. 

Here's some explanation. The active ingredient is desmorphine, an artificial heroin, which has much stronger addictive properties, such as the pain of withdrawal lasting a month. Horrifyingly, 100,000 people are estimated to be addicts in Russia. The Living Dead: Why Thousands of Russian Addicts are Rotting to Death

Apparently there's a far milder flesh-eating tainted cocaine problem in the US and Canada. America's flesh-eating cocaine problem 

The krokodil problem is hard to stop thinking about. Desmorphine sounds like a nightmare cyberpunk sci-fi drug. It's the ultimate test of the human bias toward short term gain in the face of long term risk. If addicts had to suffer a month of crippling pain, fever, and seizure first to get 90 minutes of high, there would be no takers. Is 90 minutes really so distant in the future? Seriously? The really really bad nightmare begins as soon as that high wears off.


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