Does anyone know if this document is authentic, or if this is just a really good prank? - DG


‘Kaikidan Ekotoba’ monster scroll

Here is a look at the Kaikidan Ekotoba, a mysterious handscroll that profiles 33 legendary monsters and human oddities, mostly from the Kyushu region of Japan (with several from overseas). The cartoonish document, whose author is unknown, is believed to date from the mid-19th century. It is now in the possession of the Fukuoka City Museum.


White monster/Bird-dog hybrid [+]

The black creature on the right was born by a dog that mated with a bird in the city of Fukuoka in the early 1740s. Next to the bird-dog hybrid is an amorphous white monster — also encountered in Fukuoka — which is said to have measured about 180 centimeters (6 ft) across. People at the time believed this creature was a raccoon dog that had shape-shifted.


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Fabulous! I'm as clueless as you are about its authenticity, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was genuine. You can expect that from a culture where octopods mate with women.

The Monster Hole is quite goatse-y, don't you think? With a bit of photoshopping, I bet felch wouldn't mind to find it here. ;-)
Yeah, it seems plausible that it would be authentic. These bizarre and creative creatures still show up in Japanese stories.
I've been told (although it was tongue-in-cheek) by a guy who went to Africa for humanitarian work, that guinea worms are the main cause why people like him don't come back. He had to pull a 20+ cm one out of his heel, a female colleague fainted and brought the tent they were in down in her collapse.
Dracunculus medinesis is my favorite parasite of all time.  Did yall know that the medical symbol that depicts a snake winding around a staff may have come from this beautiful fiery serpent?
Yes, very platypus-ish.
Think that's real, or photoshopped?


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