Hard Road to Fame
Last year had more than its share of celebrity deaths, names we were well acquainted with due to the person’s newsworthy deeds or misdeeds. But 2009 also hosted the passing of people who lived quietly and left, or were on track to leave, just as soundlessly when . . . something twisted happened.

In October, a few weeks after Jean Kasper died of cancer, her three daughters were enjoying dinner when they noticed specks of what looked like black pepper in their mashed potatoes. But it wasn’t pepper; it was their mother.

In September in Vienna, Austria, Gunter Link, a devout Catholic, grabbed a pillar at church as he gave thanks for being rescued from a stuck elevator. Bad move.

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There's a handful of Darwin Award worthy stories in there...
Sure are. I hate to laugh at somone's misfortune, but sometimes it's hard to refrain (esp the guy in the church).
Schadenfreude. Embrace it.
Hehe, I do.
I'd think a sesquipedalian would prefer to say or write epicaricacy
Thanks for the new word, Jaume. Maybe I'll post that in L|S along with the other words I post from time to time, unless you want to do that.
Some of these stories are hilarious.
I feel so sorry for the poor buck who was fooled by his own hormones. And to add insult to injury, his demise happened in the backyard of a deer hunter, no less. How embarassing.
Yeah, and he just thought it was hilarious, too. That was like the only story in there that I didn't find amusing.
I'm with you on that. Sad.


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