Seriously, underpants with electrodes to shock buttock muscles, forcing them to contract, are designed to prevent comatose patients or those with immobilizing injuries from developing bed sores.

‘Smart e-Pants’ underwear deliver electric shocks to comatose patie...

Scientists have developed underwear with built-in electrodes that deliver small electric shocks to combat bed sores in patients who are in a coma or who have injuries that have immobilised them.

At the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in New Orleans on Monday, they reported results from a trial of the “Smart-e-Pants” system, a way to reduce the incidence and costs of treating bed sores – also known as pressure ulcers – by electrically stimulating the buttock muscles of patients.

Sean Dukelow of the department of clinical neuroscience at the University of Calgary in Canada, who led the study, said the pants worked so well in the small trial that none of the patients involved got pressure ulcers for the month of the experiment.

Cost about $2,000 a pair. Image source Smart-e-Pants now being tested in Alberta hospitals

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Great headline!

Interesting story too.


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