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Not attractive AT all!! I guess what is acceptable as "art" or body art changes over time. I don't see the attraction to tattoos or piercings - beyond ear lobes, although I have a cartilage piercing - and one day, they won't be the "in" thing. People covered in tattoos or piercings will be stuck with the aging body art.

There is an old lady (she must be in her late 70s) who has at least four tarantula tattoos on her face and know she didn't get those done in her teens or twenties! lol

Not exactly body art, but a dental device to force your mouth open isn't exactly jewelry.

Bagel heads, a new temporary facial distortion. These folks probably watched a lot of sci-fi as kids. I wonder if the loosened skin will droop and sag as they get old. Video. The embed code didn't work.

That just looks stupid. Looks like they have a tumor in their forehead. I doubt it will cause any real damage though. The saline will just be absorbed by the body in time. There are people who do this to their genitals.


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