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If you live in or around Fayetteville, and are looking to join a local Atheist group, you should check out Central NC Atheists and Humanists (CNCAH). We're a friendly, active bunch, and are always ready to welcome new members.

For further info, visit our official website:


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I so hate to see a 0 in the Replies column. 


May I recommend that you check out's M*A*S*H and also Rock Beyond Belief? Those groups are filled with Fayetteville Atheists and Humanists. 


RBB has been cancelled, you may know, but that doesn't mean anybody has stopped talking about it. 

Thanks for taking time to reply! Oh, I'm definitely aware of MASH (several people in our group are also MASH members) and RBB. : )  Though we've changed names recently--we used to be Cape Fear Atheists & Agnostics, but have since affiliated with the American Humanist Association--we've been around for a few years. We're also on, so definitely check us out there!


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