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Viking Trance - This Generation from Napoleon Bonaparte on Vimeo.

What is the meaning of this video ? / Quel est le sens de cette vidéo?

The video is entitled 'This Generation' and looks at the world our children will inherit. There are many problems such as pollution, food and water shortages, climate change, religious extremism and perpetual warfare which will be exacerbated by overpopulation. Our children are in danger and we must do everything possible to alleviate these problems now. This is the message of the video.
The video contains images which may upset some people but in our opinion every image is necessary for it to be properly understood. We are artists and our music videos are not intended to upset or offend listeners and viewers.

La vidéo est intitulée «This Generation» et examine le monde nos enfants vont hériter. Il existe de nombreux problèmes tels que la pollution, la nourriture et les pénuries d'eau, le changement climatique, l'extrémisme religieux et la guerre perpétuelle qui sera aggravée par la surpopulation. Nos enfants sont en danger et nous devons faire tout notre possible pour atténuer ces problèmes maintenant. C'est le message de la vidéo.
La vidéo contient des images qui peuvent perturber certaines personnes, mais à notre avis chaque image est nécessaire pour qu'il soit bien compris. Nous sommes des artistes et nos vidéos de musique ne sont pas destinés à perturber ou offenser auditeurs et téléspectateurs.

Viking Trance et Napoléon Bonaparte.

Viking Trance - Flight 129 from Napoleon Bonaparte on Vimeo.

Music by Viking Trance with video editing by Napoleon Bonaparte.
Another Smart Dog Videos (UK) production.



VIKING TRANCE The Viking Trance Channel on Vimeo

« Les espèces qui survivent ne sont pas les espèces les plus fortes, ni les plus intelligentes, mais celles qui s’adaptent le mieux aux changements. »

de Charles Darwin


Welcome to the Viking Trance Channel on Vimeo. Chill Out !


The Viking Trance Channel on Vimeo. Chill Out !

Viking Trance - Ex Peri Mental

Music by Viking Trance with video editing by Napoleon Bonaparte.
 Smart Dog Videos London (UK).
 Viking Trance purchase link
 Viking Trance Radio

Viking Trance - Solar Energy from Napoleon Bonaparte on Vimeo.

Words By Gregory Sams

 Light is invisible, yet it allows us to see. Light hurtles through space for years, yet loses none of its energy in the process. Light can be reduced to a single irreducible particle, the photon – and this photon can be in two places at once. We must wait about eight minutes for light to arrive from Sun’s surface, but the light itself arrives in no time at all. Light gives substance and form to the vegetable world, yet itself has no physical property or structure. Light is a mystery – and becomes even more so as science discovers ever more of its properties.
 A fundamental energy force of the Universe that it saturates, light carries the warmth of the Sun and the vibrations of the stars to Earth. Science is able to harness many of the extraordinary abilities of light and to perform amazing feats with it. Yet physicists can tell us little about the nature of light, nor explain how it is able to do the incredible things it does. Light is the primary product of Sun to reach this planet; without it there could be no life on Earth. We and all other life forms, are built by Sunlight, using our bodies as biological batteries to store and release its solar energy through the process of life.


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